6 Ways to Make Your Website More Social

by Social Commerce Guru | Social Media Marketing

Corporate sites are generally plain and boring and thus fail to deliver the appropriate value to the current and potential customers. Corporate websites also end up empowering customers alone of doing the job of sharing with others and don’t utilize the power of testimonials, quotes and videos. Corporate websites need to get more social as over 140 million tweets sent per day and 30 billion pieces of content shared each month on Facebook, thus the need to get your website on the social forefront gets essential by the passing day.

There are many steps you can take to make your website more social and engaging for your visitors.

  • Position the share buttons on all blog posts, articles, photos or videos that are posted. Using content-sharing buttons such as the “Facebook Share” or “Twitter Tweet This” buttons, allows the visitors to post your content on their networks, encouraging their friends to visit your website.
  •  Allow people to comment and share ideas on your site, it gives them a sense of ownership.
  • A socially friendly site is one that is constantly changing but is the one which keeps the whole thing entertaining and impressive for the visitors by keeping its content updated and fresh. Adding dynamic elements to your site; keep your website visually interesting, plus it gives you a chance to experiment and learn.
  • Don’t be afraid to give your audience the opportunity to re-purpose your content. By giving your customers the opportunity to interact with your brand this way, you’ll be bringing them into your community and increasing their loyalty.
  • Remind visitors to become a fan of your page by installing a floating social bar to your website that stays with the user as they browse your content.
  • Allow users to log in and interact with your site using plug-ins like Facebook Connect, thus the activity will be automatically published back to that users’ social channel, and will encourage their friends to engage with your website as well.
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