6 Key Tips To Make Sales Using Social Media

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Social Media Sales Tips







Social Media platform has grown over the years and we have seen the success stories over the years of how brands have utilized Social Media to get more revenue into their business. There is no particular formula to succeed with Social Media what works for you can work for me but cannot work for others. Each product is different and so are the strategies for those customers however the root remains the same being social and so there are some things that one should not forget when using Social Media to make sales. In this article we list 6 things that we consider as important for every brand using Social Media to generate sales.

  1. Social Media is all about relationships so if you are planning to use Social Media to generate revenue then don’t pitch in directly for your product. Unlike traditional marketing where you go ahead and sell your product, Social Media operates in a different way it requires time and patience. You will have to build good trust among your community before you decide to go ahead and self promote yourself.
  2. As a brand I am sure when u begin any marketing campaign the aim is to achieve results fast and so with Social Media also if you want to make a first step identify influencers in your community who will pitch for you. I influencers will pave the way for you in your start up days as people will be more happy to listen to someone they trust and they know rather than an outsider who them don’t know much.
  3. When it comes to any business people always like to hear good comments and good things but it’s equally important to take care of the other side also. Social Media provides the platform to publicly express any negatives for a business. Most brands often try to cover such things by either making such conversations private or deleting them. On the other hand if you publicly and properly address negative customer service issues then it can turn out to be your strongest brand advocate. The fact that you have publically taken care of negative concern will have a stronger impact than the original negative concern.
  4. Publicly acknowledge your existing customers or your staff at times this will elevate their status and will let potential customers know what they expect when they engage into business with your brand.
  5. Engage your existing customers into maximum engagement with your brand give them the choice of what they want to have and prepare your content accordingly on those lines. This will help you in achieving word of mouth publicity as well as every activity that your customer has with your brand would be seen by his connections on his social network thus exposing your brand to more customers.
  6. Social business works more on influencing people tend to buy a product online mostly after consulting with their friends or family members. In such a case it is important that you from online communities for your brand this will help you in enabling a clear communication with your community members and you will be able to see where the talk is heading and what you should do to target more customers.

These are just some key tips that should help you with driving sales from Social Media. At the end of the day nobody likes to be sold anything but yes everyone like to buy. So go ahead and make conversations and not announcements.


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