6 Key Tips In Making Content Viral

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6 Key Tips In Making Content Viral


Social Media Marketing has become more and more competitive over the years we have seen brands come out with some out of the box content to lure their customers. With each new platform and new blog the competition for views and readership has been increasing. In this scenario getting a content which is not only accepted by your audience but is also shared becomes vital. So the big question that most brands have is how to generate content which not only stands out from the crowd but also becomes viral ?

In this article I have listed out 6 key tips which I believe can help you in making your content Viral.

1) For content to be a standout the three things that are mandate are Entertainment, Information and Helpful. If your content does not have these three components then you are not getting anywhere. Any audience will share a content only if they find it has something to offer them at the end of the day and it is entertaining to be shared.

2) Social Media is all about expressing yourself so be clear on your thoughts don’t be afraid that what you write will spark off controversies. Sometimes controversies can just spark off than what you imagined for example Robert Ebert controversial tweet on Ryan Dunns death caused lot of buzz on Twitter in fact Robert Ebert came up with a blog to justify his tweet.

3) While working on any content be yourself do not try to copy someone use your own style and remember the saying “All good things come in small packages” in the same way break your story into multiple parts this will keep your audience excited as well as make them spread the story to their followers.

4) One of the things that Social Networks has seen is that people are more interested in discussions rather than just taking single so take advantage of this make use of influences and tell them to share your content. Make sure your content is such that you get feedback and comments on it.

5) “Old is Gold” this phrase does not work with Social Media always discuss on latest news and topics that are around on other social networks and not on stale news. Make sure that you give your audience a chance to share what you are discussing by providing a variety of social widgets .

6) While trying to search for topics and working on content don’t forget your audience; prepare content which suits your category of audience and most importantly don’t try to sell anything within that. Content marketing works well to build relationships with the audience always remember “People love to buy and to be sold”.

These are just key tips which can help you in making your content viral. Share your thoughts on what else do you think should be done to make the content viral.

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