6 Easy Ways to Promote Your Referral Marketing Program

by Rachel Novosad |

6 Easy Ways to Promote Your Referral Marketing Program

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According to The Word of Mouth Marketing Association, there are approximately 2.4 billion brand-related conversations each day in the United States, a breeding ground for referral marketing. Not to mention the fact that 83% of consumers say they trust recommendations from people they know (Nielsen). In layman’s terms, recommendations are the highest source of trust, making it a very important reason for looking into a referral marketing solution.

With consumers leaning on reviews from peers, friends, and family more and more before making their purchase decisions; it’s a no-brainer that companies should make it easy for their customers to do so. Offering customers incentives for referring your brand’s products and services to their friends and family creates a streamlined, trust-based referral channel that can supercharge brand awareness.

Referral marketing is a highly effective strategy for increasing average order value, boosting conversions, and building an evergreen community of advocates. The only remaining question is how to get your customers to use it. Here are 6 successful ways to promote your referral marketing program below.

6 Successful Ways to Promote Your Referral Marketing program

Refer a friend on website1. Your Website

First and foremost, make sure your customers can easily find out about your referral program! By strategically advertising your company’s referral program on your homepage, you keep it top-of-mind for consumers. Whether that’s a pop-up, a carousel slide, or a pinned post; have a visible reminder that customers will be rewarded for their referrals.

2. Email Marketing

Whenever a new customer signs up for an email list, they typically receive a welcome email. You can differentiate your welcome email with an additional value-add by providing them with a referral link with matching incentives like “$10 off for you and a friend.” They may not use it immediately, but this gets your customers into the mindset of being a brand advocate right off the bat.

Furthermore, using your email list of subscribers is a great way to periodically remind loyal customers that your referral marketing program exists and that it’s an easy way for them to make money to use toward their next purchase. With email already so integrated into our lives, email marketing can complement your referral program and be a natural driver of brand loyalty.

And definitely don’t forget product or check-out pages either. According to Friend Buy, product pages with social sharing buttons have shown to be a lucrative funnel, representing 51% of referral marketing revenue. At the very least, social sharing buttons on your product pages make it easy for customers to share specific products they like with their friends.

Social sharing- refer a friend3. Social Sharing

By building social sharing into your referral system, consumers can share their referral link without thinking twice. The key to getting customers to share your brand on social is making it easy for them to do so.

Stitch Fix is one company that does a great job of this. They provide a pop-up with multiple social sharing routes, making each available at the touch of a button.

4. Customer Service

For any staff that engages with customers regularly over email or social media, having a link to your referral marketing program in their email signature or social media bio is an easy and understated tactic. This also applies to automated emails as well as your company’s own social media bios.

Instagram bios are an easy and visible way for your company, employees, and customers to add their referral marketing link. Which ultimately draws more traffic to your brand. Giving your customers and staff a punchy line to include makes it simple to copy and paste. And because the incentives are good enough, customers will organically share more.

5. Content Marketing Call to Actions

Consider writing some consumer-facing blog posts. Having a call-out box in your articles can be an easy, colorful way to promote your referral marketing program. LastPass does a great job at this, providing an interactive header image for customers in their blog posts. And if you go that route, add a link at the end as a reminder for those liking your content!

6. Special Promotions

Similar to sales, you can also run special promotions for your referral marketing program. Using a combination of the avenues above, many companies find referral marketing pushes around holidays and milestones to be highly effective. Do not limit yourself to the Roman calendar either, jump in on made-up holidays like National Puppy Day! Some have even made up holidays of their own!

optoutsideYou also don’t have to go at it alone, brand partnerships can be a great way to get double the eyes on the promotion. REI famously closes every Black Friday, instead they have #OptOutside day. Because of their culture, they encourage customers to explore the outdoors in lieu of shopping. For example, they partnered with Lyft by offering $10 coupons for rides to National Parks. Though REI and Lyft aren’t an obvious pair, this special promo reflects their passion for “building happy and healthy communities.”

Whether you’re considering starting a referral marketing program or just looking to optimize your existing one, Annex Cloud can help your program see measurable results. Annex Cloud built a referral marketing platform that allows retailers to automate and set campaigns to aid growth.

We don’t just help increase your referrals, but we give you the tools to build a community and create true customer loyalty. If you have any questions about referral marketing, user generated content, or customer loyalty; contact us today! We’ll be sure to match you with the right program specifically catered to your business!

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