6 Barriers to Building your own Social Login

by Sean Ogino | Identity Management

Social Login seems like an easy enough tool to simply assign your IT development team and leave it at that. If almost every phone app in the store could do it, why can’t the team you hired give it a try? But if your IT queue seems a mile long, it could be awhile before this becomes a reality. Here are 6 more reasons that it’s best to leave the heavy lifting to social commerce platforms like Annex Cloud.

1. There are frequent API changes from Facebook, Google and other social providers from breaking Social Login functionality
Annex Cloud Integration Architects are on top of Facebook, Google and every other social provider’s blogs and have the expertise to immediately conform to breaking changes that will affect Social Login. A broken social login could cause many customer issues and the ability to react quickly is essential for such an important feature on the site.

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2. Its time consuming to add additional providers
Within just a few months of releasing their login API, Amazon login rose to the 3rd most preferred login choice for eCommerce. Adding Amazon Social Login was as simple as checking a box for our customers. New social providers launch and get to scale regularly and the ability to add them quickly without scheduling more IT work is a big business benefit.

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3. It’s hard to keep up with the latest information to normalize data elements from each social network and keep social data up to date
Annex Cloud normalizes the data fields from each different social network so that the profiles of current customers can be automatically updated. We can also refresh the latest information about these people from their social network data keeping all data up to date months after their account creation.

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4. Storage is cumbersome and it’s hard to make sense of and segment unstructured social data.
Annex Cloud stores and aggregates social data in an easy to access database with tools like the “Social Query Analyzer” to help you create custom segmented lists for all campaigns. Easily run queries and export lists based on age, gender, likes and interests, location, recent activity and more.


5. Integration with 3rd party systems for better marketing is difficult
Annex Cloud integrates with your existing 3rd party systems seamlessly. Automatically sync social data with your ESP, CRM, POS, ERP and other marketing systems for more actionable customer profiles that are visible and accessible across all levels of interaction. Supercharge marketing and re-marketing efforts with access to social graph segmented data.


6. You need to focus on your core business problems
You have a million other things on your plate. All Annex Cloud tools are fully managed to help keep you moving forward with your primary goals while avoiding the cost and tedium of building out social applications in house without the expertise.


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