5 Ways to Showcase Customer Reviews in Your Marketing

by Grace Miller |

Customer reviews can make a significant impact on your business, with an impressive 63% of customers stating that they’re more likely to buy from a site that features reviews than one that doesn’t. Displaying ratings & reviews on your website and in promotional materials will also make your marketing more informative and credible.  You can feature customer feedback in your marketing materials in a variety of ways. Which way you choose depends on which aspect of the customers’ responses you want to highlight.

The Benefits of Displaying Customer Ratings & Reviews

Here are some reasons why it pays to show ratings & reviews on your website and in your branded content:

  • Customer reviews, even negative ones, can assuage customers’ doubts before they buy a product.  The prospective buyer might find that the flaws that other customers complained about in negative reviews are not deal breakers in his mind.  The mere presence of reviews in a company’s marketing materials increases sales by 18 percent.
  • Online reviews are the new word of mouth marketing.  Responses from previous customers have a big impact on people’s buying decisions.
  • People who shop online tend to dislike conventional advertising.  In fact, more than one in ten devices connected to the Internet use an ad blocker.

Of course, there are more ways to show customer responses to a product than simply having a certain number of stars appear next to a product listing on an e-commerce site.  Here are five effective ways to make reviews and ratings visible to your prospective customers:

Display Ratings by a Hover Mechanism

Where is the best place on a product listing to display ratings?  Should they be readily visible on the product page, or should customers need to click to see reviews?  If you use a hover function to display reviews, you can have the best of both worlds. Reviews that display when you hover your mouse over an image of a product can quadruple the click-through rate.

Show Ratings in Local Listings

Simple star ratings in results for local searches are very effective at getting customers to visit a local business or make a purchase.  Usually, only a few ratings show in the listing on the results page, but that is all you need. When people are hungry, the name of a restaurant followed by five stars and a nearby address is plenty.

Promotional Emails

Just as you can use marketing emails to solicit reviews, you can also use emails to display the reviews you have already gotten.  For example, you can send an email showing your ten most highly rated products of the week. Whether customers regard marketing emails as spam depends a lot on the content of those emails.

In some industries, people spend a third of their workday reading and responding to email.  When people are at work, they are in the mood to read emails, including marketing emails, thoughtfully.  Reviews within the email give them an opportunity to click through and engage further with your product.

Promotional Emails

Blog Content

Blogs in and of themselves are an effective marketing tool. Small business with blogs can increase their leads 126 percent more than those without blogs. Blogs are a great way to get customers’ attention. Lots of people read comments on blog posts, which tend to be less informative than reviews. Therefore, to blog readers, the value of reviews is obvious and they will be enthusiastic about reading them. People read blogs in order to find out other people’s opinions, making them a great place to display well written, informative customer reviews.

Video Content

Consumers spend a third of their online screen time watching videos. Given that there are Internet celebrities who have made their entire careers by reviewing products, it is clear that an audience exists for product reviews in the form of video content. Ask customers to submit videos of their opinions on their products and display the videos on your website. User-generated videos truly are the new word of mouth when it comes to marketing.  Besides, customers whose videos you feature on your site will want to link to your site from their own online presence.

You can do more with customer reviews than just displaying them in reverse chronological order at the bottom of a product page.  Reviews can be helpful to people trying to make a quick decision and to customers doing in-depth research before a purchase. How you showcase your product reviews determines how your audience will receive them.

Annex Cloud can integrate customer reviews into your marketing content in a way that best suits your needs.  Contact Annex Cloud to find out more about leveraging your customers’ reviews today.

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