5 Ways Social Commerce Improves The Customer Experience

For a brand, providing your shoppers a memorable customer experience is crucial to keep them coming back and attracting new shoppers. There are many ways give them a great experience with your brand, however, with social media being an incredibly powerful communication tool, integrating social commerce into your marketing strategies is the most unique and personable way to connect with your audience and enhance their experiences.

Here’s five ways social commerce can improve your customer experience:

Be Responsive

When customers have questions or comments regarding your brand, utilizing social media enables you to respond to them in a timely manner. Being responsive to your customers is a critical element in their customer experience. When a brand quickly answers a question or replies to a comment, customers see that the brand really cares about their shoppers and wants to ensure that they are always happy.

Offer Incentives

Customers love incentives like discounts or points-rewards. Social commerce programs, like Annex Cloud’s Contests solution, gives you the unique ability to offer these incentives through platforms they use most – their social media networks. Engaging your customers and encouraging them to share their favorite products with their friends in exchange for a discount, makes them excited about your brand and products and enhances their overall experience with your brand.

Include their network

When shoppers are excited about a brand or their recent purchases, they want to share their excitement with their friends. Social commerce enables you to grab onto the momentum of their excitement and encourage them to include their friends. This not only engages your current customers and makes them loyal, but also spreads buzz around your brand and attracts new customers.

Build a community

Consumers like to share their experiences about a product or brand they have in common with other people. Since shoppers tend to trust their fellow shoppers more than the brand, giving them a community where they can communicate and engage with each other provides them with a creative customer experience. Leveraging user generated content, like visual galleries, gives customers a space to share images and show how your products are being used in real life settings. When other shoppers see these images, that gives them trust and your brand and inspiration on how they can use your product.

Give Your Brand A Voice

Since social commerce leverages social media networks, your brand has a voice with the widest and most personal reach to your audience. Giving your brand a strong voice creates a special bond with your customers and enables them to not see you as just a brand selling useful products, but as a place they love and a brand they want to spread around.

There are many ways social commerce tools can enhance the customer experience. It is important for you to discover the best networks and tools that fit your brand and customers’ needs.

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