5 Ways to Increase Review Volume Onsite

by Sean Ogino |

5 Ways to Increase Review Volume Onsite

70% of Americans say they look at reviews before they move on to make a purchase. Product ratings and reviews are becoming more and more important as shoppers start to trust these opinions more than advertisements. Conversions can increase up to 50% when product reviews jump from 1 to 10 reviews. In a study on Yelp reviews, an increase in a star, led to 5-9% more overall revenue. Follow these steps to increase your review volume.

1. Make leaving reviews easy
Add a ratings and reviews feature on every product page and include visible call to actions for reviews for every product. With social login, signing in to leave a review is as easy as one click. Also add guest features for customers who prefer to leave anonymous reviews.


2. Ask for reviews at the right time
Ask for reviews in post-purchase emails which generally have a higher open and click-thru rate. Be sure to give customers adequate time to experience your product or service and they will be more likely to leave a review. These emails could just be a simple thank you to customers for their purchase and an ask for feedback from their experience.

3. Syndicate reviews from other sources
Product reviews can be written in multiple places and with syndication, you can pull these reviews to bolster the review volume on your site. If you are a brand, helping retailers populate their review pages will help your product sell against competitors.

4. Give samples in return for reviews
Send out product samples for new or promotional items to your Top Influencers in return for reviews. This accelerates the process of collecting reviews and enables you to launch new products with reviews ready.

5. Incentivize reviews as part of a loyalty program
If you have a loyalty program, make sure that leaving reviews is a rewarded action. Customers are more likely to leave a review when incentivized to do so.


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