5 Top Examples of a Well-Designed Cruise Loyalty Program

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5 Top Examples of a Well-Designed Cruise Loyalty Program

A cruise loyalty program helps cruise industry companies to engage & retain their loyal customers via special enticing offers like special pricing, specialty dining, VIP lounge access, complimentary drinks and lots more. Let’s explore some of the best cruise loyalty programs to understand what makes them so enticing for the customers to consequently drive revenue for the cruise liner companies.

What is a Cruise loyalty program?

Designed specifically to earn maximum repeat travelers, a cruise loyalty program is a rewards system featuring a host of perks for cruise line customers. Enrollment in a cruise loyalty program is done typically the first time your customer takes your cruise line services.

A dedicated loyalty number is assigned to the new customer which makes it easy for them to claim the programs benefits & perks when booking for the second time. Following are some typical perks available under a standard cruise loyalty program –

  • Complimentary amenities like Wi-Fi, Internet, drinks
  • Complimentary specialty dining
  • Concierge service
  • Special loyalty pricing
  • Discounted room upgrades
  • Priority check-in
  • Special merchandise discounts
  • Complimentary cruises
  • Access to private parties

There are several more that can be added to this list depending on what offer you want to have for your valued customers.

Carnival Loyalty Program – A Ideal Cruise Loyalty Program with Enticing Perks for Travelers

Among the plethora of cruise loyalty programs available, there are a few that actually make a solid impression when it comes to real performance. Carnival loyalty program is  a special loyalty program designed by Carnival Corporation for its customers.

The Carnival rewards program ‘VIFP Club” presents several perks for travelers to make the offer more comprehensive and exciting. VIFP Club is a 5-tier loyalty program with Blue, Red, Gold, Platinum and Diamond as the corresponding tiers. A first-time cruiser is awarded the Blue tier/status while the tier turns to Red after second sailing gets completed.

Spending 25 days at sea during the cruise with Carnival promotes the traveler to Gold status. However, Platinum tier is attained only when the traveler completes minimum 75 days at sea. The perks for all tiers vary considerably with Platinum and Diamond tiers comprising the maximum perks.


  • Free cabin upgrade (One-time)
  • Donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on attaining Diamond tier (One-time)
  • Complimentary meal for two people at a restaurant (One-time)
  • Complimentary VIFP Club luggage tag set
  • Dedicated sales & services number (toll-free )
  • Priority seat selection of main dining room
  • Complimentary wash-&-fold laundry services (Unlimited)
  • Guaranteed reservations in specialty restaurant and main dining room
  • Invite from the Captain to any particular event (dinner, cocktail party, a bridge tour etc.) on each sailing


  • Priority boarding and check-in
  • Exclusive VIFP party (free drinks, appetizers included)
  • Priority spa reservations
  • Free beverage (at Seaday Brunch)
  • Carnival logo gift presented on every sailing
  • Dedicated Guest Services phone number
  • Priority line at Guest Services desk
  • Priority debarkation
  • “Chocolate Delight” plate delivery to stateroom (on completing 5+ night sailings)                 

Top 5 Cruise Loyalty Programs

As a cruise liner business, encouraging your customers to keep sailing with you should be your first priority. With a cruise loyalty program in place, you can offer them rewards and incentives so that they stay loyal to your brand. Here, we have listed the 5 best cruise loyalty programs to help you get a better idea –

‘VIFP Club” by Carnival Corporation

The 5-tier loyalty program VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) Club packs almost all the components that make it the perfect cruise loyalty program. Tiers can be attained as per the sailing or points earning criteria i.e. Blue tier (first sailing), Red tier (2nd sailing to 24 points), Gold tier (25 to 74 points), Platinum tier  (75 to 199 points) and finally the Diamond tier (200 or more points). Diamond and Platinum tiers form the elite level and provide the most premium perks for the eligible travelers.

“Crown & Anchor Society” By Royal Caribbean

The Crown & Anchor Society members of Royal Caribbean earn 1 point each for every night sailed, and additional bonus points for suite booking. The 6-tier program starts at the Gold level (3 points) and progresses as Platinum (30 points), Emerald (55 points), Diamond (80 points), Diamond Plus (175 points) and finally the elite Pinnacle Club (700 points). The best elite benefits can though be attained via the higher tiers only.

While Diamond Plus brings in benefits like priority seating at theater, aqua theater events, and ice show, an exclusive ship tour, thoughtful gifts and more; Pinnacle Club benefits include a special 7-night Caribbean cruise with provision for separate balcony cabin. Isn’t that incredibly special? Additional cruises can be earned as the traveler further earns more points.

“Latitudes Rewards” By Norwegian Cruise Line

Cruisers are enrolled automatically for Norwegian Cruise Line’s Latitudes Rewards program; however the benefits are applicable from the second time sailing only. Travelers typically earn 1 reward point for every sail made; however, during special promotions, points are doubled. The 6-tier program comprises levels including Bronze (after 1 night sale), Silver (30-54 points), Gold (55-79 points), Platinum (80-174 points), Platinum Plus (175-699 points), and Ambassador (700+ points).

While Platinum Plus includes priority seating in restaurant & entertainment theater, 2 water bottles, 60 minutes of free Internet & more; the Ambassador level provides free 7-day cruise, massive bonus, 100 minutes free Internet along with all the perks of Platinum Plus tier.

“Captain’s Club” By Celebrity Cruises

The program allows travelers to earn points on a nightly basis. However, more points can be accumulated by making bookings in the higher cabin category as follows – Inside & Ocean View (2 points per night), Veranda & Infinite Veranda (3 points per night), Concierge Class and AquaClass (5 points per night), Sky Suite      (8 points per night), Reflection, Penthouse and Iconic Suite (18 points per night).

The 6-tier program includes levels including – Preview (0 points), Classic (2 to 149 points), Select (10 to 299 points), Elite (300 to 749 points), Elite Plus (750 to 2,999 points) and finally Zenith (3,000+ points).  Elite tier provides travelers access to Captain’s Club exclusive Coffee Lounge, and unlimited free drinks between 5-7 p.m. either in Captain’s Club Lounge or any other bars & lounges in the ship.

Elite Plus provides the benefits of Elite tier plus 240-minute free internet, free hot beverages like cappuccino, latte, tea etc; discounts on wine & beverage packages & more. The top tier Zenith provides free 7-night Bermuda or Caribbean cruise exclusively in a balcony cabin.

MSC Voyagers Club By MSC Cruises

The loyalty program includes 4 tiers – Classic (1 to 2,199 points), Silver (2,200 to 4,299 points), Gold (4,300 to 9,999 points), and Diamond (10,000+ points). A 5% cruise discount, access to newsletter, and “welcome back” cocktail is provided for members in all four tiers. While the gold tier members can enjoy one-hour spa session and a gift; Diamond level travelers get exciting perks like priority boarding on day of embarkation, priority disembarkation, specialty restaurant dinner & more.

MSC Voyagers Club is designed differently in the way that the program members need to cruise at least once in a span of three years in order to keep their status intact. Even after attaining the highest tier, the traveler may lose that status in case this minimum criteria is not met.

Let Loyalty Program Experts Design your Cruise Loyalty Program

At Annex Cloud, we excel in design & launch of cruise loyalty programs that empower modern cruise liner businesses to boost customer retention and gain the competitive edge. To know more about how we can design the best cruise loyalty program for your business, call our experts now!

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