5 Tips To Work On a Good Content

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5 Tips To Work On a Good Content

If you ask someone from the 80’s or initial 90’s about marketing they would say traditional Marketing was all about reaching out to the customer and reading the sales pitch to him no matter how you or the customer felt. In contrast if we look at Social Media Marketing(SMM) it’s all about letting your customer tell your story to the world. Relationships are the key to social business and relationships in social business are built with good content. Its good content that helps you build strong relationship with your customers on various Social Networks and helps your business in having engagement with them and letting you judge the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns.

As I said earlier Social Media Marketing(SMM) is all about letting your customer tell your story to the world, so it’s not only about preparing good content but it is also about presenting it in a way that it motivates more and more people to share it. So the big question is how do you connect to your customer in such a way that not only can you convince him with your story but also make him to share this with other. In this article we list out some ways to go ahead and make your content a reachable one for SMM campaign.

  • Social Media is all about people and as a brand when you want to connect to people the first thing you need to do is leave the business talks aside and talk like a human being and interact with other people to build a relationship. If you think of acting smart and continue with the business pitch then you will see that you won’t have an audience to listen to your story.
  • There is always a talk in Social Media that to connect to your audience you need to personalize your brand or your content with them. The point is how do we go about it, the one thing which I believe is if you want someone to care for anything the way you care for that then you need to tell them why it is important for you. In the same way if you have decided to work on pieces of content then tell your audience why you decided to work so that they start relating to it from day one.
  • I am sure you have heard that “We all learn from our mistakes” and yes that is true but what happens when you share this mistake with others also, the result is a breed of content which not humanizes or personalizes your content but also is bound to add engagement instead of just a plain marketing method to reach out to your customer.
  • If you see that there is any topic which is creating a buzz among your connections then try preparing content around that topic. If the news is not from your industry also try to see if you can present an imaginable story around the same this will help you in SEO rankings as well as your audience can connect to it and share it.
  • Social Media gives you an opportunity to understand what your audience wants from your brand and what they feel about your brand. Not every comment that you will get is positive in the same way not every content that you get from your community is quality content. So don’t just work blindly on user generated content be and expert and keep a balance between what the industry standard and what your customers want.

These are five simple steps to work on good piece of content to tell your story to your audience, let us know your thoughts on the same.

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