5 Tips to Get your Customer Back to your Website

by Annex Cloud |

As a E-commerce site one thing that business look forward is to get more and more visitors to their company website. But once the visitor is on the website the next goal for companies is to get visitors into the buying mode. There’s a lot of effort put by by marketers to attract customers their website, however many times it does happen that visitors leave the site without buying anything. The big question that many companies have is what to do with such customers.

The answer to this question is re-branding or re-marketing such visitors to make sure that they return to the company website and take the desired action that you expect them to do. We here at Annex Cloud present you five steps which should help businesses to retarget their visitors and increase engagement and revenue.

  • Many customers today prefer Social login instead of a regular landing page, as business if you want to capture more information for visitors coming back then try considering a shorter form so that they don’t have to enter the same information again.
  • Identify which ads and which offers have worked and include them in future marketing campaigns to make the most out of it. Also see if there any ads on which clicks are coming but maybe conversions are not happening as this happens many times the ads which generate more revenue are different from the ones which get more clicks.
  • Track how people are visiting your website, if people are using Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook then send them invites to join your company Social network and build landing pages around this concept of Social sharing wherever you feel it is necessary.
  • Re-targeting should not be done only to visitors who left without a action but it can be also used towards visitors who have made a purchase. Target visitors who have made a purchase with similar or upselling ads. For example you could retarget a person who has bought a cap book with a pair of hand gloves or sunglasses.
  • Re-Targeting will only work if the customer is given what is looking for so if you want all of the above steps to work properly then its very important that you give your customer what he is looking for. So run your ads or design or your marketing campaigns according to the visitors need. Use email campaign to understand the visitors behavior and preferences so that the right type of content can be placed in the ads.

These 5 steps should hopefully help you make most out of of rebranding efforts. If you are looking for more tips to make the most out of your visitors then click on our View Demo link and we will be happy to help you with things.

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