5 Customer Retention Program Examples to Inspire Your Brand

by Grace Miller |

[tooltip text=”Tooltip Text”]In today’s competitive market, retaining customers has become an absolute priority for success. At Annex Cloud, we know there are several ways to create great customer retention programs, and that the best program for your business must integrate well with the scope and image of your brand. Here are a few customer retention programs examples from some of our leading brands. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to think seriously about creating a robust retention program for your company.


Founded by dermatologist Howard Murad MD, FAAD, Murad offers skincare solutions for all skin types. Among their products are basic skin care products such as toner, as well as anti-aging and anti-acne products.

The brand’s customer retention is based on rewards as well as convenience. Murad entices potential customers to join with 50 rewards points, and awards 2 points per dollar spent. With 100 points just for signing up and with the first gift at only 250 points, Murad sets an easily attainable goal. Customers can also earn double rewards by signing up for auto-delivery of their favorite products. This provides the convenience of not having to remember to reorder every few months and rewards loyalty with bonus points.

Murad also offers points for social actions such as recommendations, referrals, and product reviews, which helps Murad not only retain customers but also grow their base from a loyal following. The rewards, which include a tasteful gift box of full-size products, serve as fantastic loyalty incentives.


310 Nutrition

The website 310 Nutrition features a variety of products that focus on health and fitness, including detox products, meal replacements and workout equipment.

310 Nutrition offers purchasing rewards and incentives, including their Kissable Shaker Cups, for major orders. Customers also have the opportunity to become a member of the 310 community via Facebook. The 310 Nutrition Facebook group helps connect individuals who want to get fit using the 310 philosophy, but who may not have the support that they require at home.

The Rewards Program is free to join and offers different rewards based on three tiers of “Living”, “Loving” and “Lifer”, giving individuals a chance to level up after a certain number of points. Each tier has their “point offerings” which can be viewed on the website. While the membership does not expire, earned points do expire after 365 days. The combination of community and the point system helps 310 Nutrition keep its customers engaged.

310 Nutrition Loyalty Program


Already a well-known name among photography lovers, Olympus also offers medical, life science and industrial equipment.

Olympus rewards loyal customers points for purchases, reviews, and referrals. They also offer incentives for photographers to share their photos via contests and price giveaways. In addition to customer loyalty incentives, the brand is also a major supporter of community and charity work, something that is becoming increasingly important to today’s younger generation of consumers.

Olympus offers several Social Responsibility programs, including charitable donations, support for the volunteer work of its employees, and even has a system of providing low-cost cameras to charities. By serving the community and offering rewards, Olympus allows its customers to feel like they are contributing to a bigger cause.

Olympus loyalty program

Cover FX

Cover FX is a versatile makeup brand specializing in foundations. Cover FX offers immediate discounts to new members who join the following as well as an intricate reward system for loyal customers.

Customers can earn points by shopping, writing reviews, referring friends, or connecting on social media. Points are also awarded for sharing site posts, logging in socially and commenting on blog articles. Each point amounts to 10 cents so that 100 points can be converted to $10 in gifts. With one point earned per dollar on purchases, consumers are essentially getting 10% back in gift rewards.

In addition to point benefits, there are also product giveaways, birthday benefits and other various specialty discounts throughout the year. Customers can also choose to use Cover FX points to cover shipping costs or upgrade to expedited shipping.

Cover FX Loyalty Program


Specializing in cozy home furniture décor, MacKenzie-Childs has plenty of options for every space in the house. Options vary from whimsical to stylish, and the reward system is a free way to get a little something back on your purchases.

Customers receive points for signing up with their email, making purchases, referring a friend, and even for just connecting on social media. The site also offers a great selection of reasonably priced gifts, which allows customers to purchase a gift for a friend or loved one while also getting something in return from the company.


These are just a few customer retention programs examples, and your brand’s strategy may be different, but perhaps they can serve to inspire your marketing efforts. At Annex Cloud, we are committed to helping you increase your customer retention by offering a variety of unique programs that are best suited for your business niche. Contact us today to help keep your customers happy and loyal.

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