5 Best Tips to Leveraging a Customer Referral Program

by Deepak Nautiyal |

Leveraging a well-designed customer referral program helps brands gain the competitive edge when it comes to attracting quality referrals through existing customers. However, simply having such a program in place is of no use if it is not efficient enough to churn out referrals to meet your set goals. In this blog post, we will learn how to set up and leverage the customer referral program in a manner that works for your business.

What is a Customer Referral Program?

A customer referral program is essentially a new leads capturing system that allows brands to leverage the most of referral marketing. Considering a more technical form of referral solution available, the same purpose can also be achieved via a referral software or a customer referral platform that catalyzes the customer acquisition effect for a brand. A program or platform like this typically focuses on motivating a brand’s customers to refer more of their peers to the brand and even earn rewards for their efforts.

Best Tips to Building and Leveraging a Customer Referral Program

New customer acquisition is the soul of business expansion which makes attracting more and more leads highly significant for small, midsize and large brands. Budgetary constraints though make it tedious for brands to cope up with the marketing expenses involved in attracting new leads. Furthermore, even if they have a set budget for marketing expenses, the quality of leads generated is not promising enough to promote conversions. This makes attracting quality leads a complex challenge for brands to cope with.

So, how to acquire high quality leads still remains the more complex question for brands to find answers to. A customer referral program is the solution to all such challenges brands face in expanding their customer base via referrals. A referral software running in sync with the program can work wonders for your brand when it comes to drawing new leads via referrals. However, running such a program requires you to make a few initial preparations which needs to be followed by regular monitoring to ensure deriving favorable outcomes from it.

If you want to ensure having a referral program that provides you leads as expected, here are some valuable tips to simplify the process for you:

Keep Your Existing Customers Satisfied

Your referral program serves the role of motivating your customers to refer quality leads; however, customer satisfaction plays a bigger role in the process. The more satisfied your customers are with your brand, the higher is the probability of getting a referral through them. In fact, a satisfied customer needs no special reason to do a simple favor for your brand by referring to its known group of people. Customer satisfaction thus holds the key to deriving better results from your referral program.

Offer Valuable Rewards for Referrals

Acknowledging the customer’s referral effort suitably either by showcasing the customer on your monthly newsletter or providing specific rewards can help pump up the effort even further. The aim should be rather to reward both the referee and the referred person. When customers feel appreciated and valued, they are motivated more to assist the brand in their endeavors – be it getting referrals, promoting the brand over social programs or anything else that comes under their capacity.

Incorporate Automation with Referral Software

A referral software has the potential to ramp up your efforts involved in setting up a referral program. In fact, referral software serves as the perfect customer referral program that most brands are looking for to expand their customer base through quality referrals. Manual referral management may be tedious and complicated for many brands and so a referral software is the optimal solution in such a scenario. A referral software makes the referral management process easier by providing complete control over the program. Brands can thus easily track the program impact and accordingly make changes to it if required.

Ensure to Incorporate Brand Messaging

By including your brand messaging into your customer referral program, you are actually injecting your unique brand persona into the program. Furthermore, using the feel-good messaging also helps you create a stronger impression through the referral program. If you have a referral page for promoting your program, ensure having call-to-action buttons that actually inspire the customers to play their role in the program. Your CTA must be easy to find and should invite the customer to refer and grab the incentive.

Integrate Social Sharing for Better Impact

It may seem a bit odd to have your customers share details about your referral program but it actually works. The benefits of having a social sharing option for your referral program is that your customers can draw the attention of their peers on social media towards your brand once they start sharing it. It will further prompt your customers’ peers to enquire about your brand to become an actual customer later on. Considering the massive outreach social programs have, this strategy, if implemented correctly, can definitely draw incredible results in the form of high volume of referrals in a short time period.

Consult the Experts to Design a Customer Referral Program that Works

Having a strong referral program in place or leveraging a robust referral program to the core requires expertise in the referral domain. Surely, a referral program will provide your customers the channel to share details about your brand with their peers. A leading loyalty solutions provider firm, Annex Cloud is equipped with the technical expertise to create the ideal customer referral program for your business to help you attain your new customer acquisition goals. The reputed loyalty management program provider company excels in setting up referral programs with comprehensive reporting to enable you implement and monitor your referral strategy. To learn about how Annex Cloud can help you leverage customer referral strategy to the core, connect with our experts now!


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