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5 Action Series Campaigns to Win the Hearts and Wallets of Your Customers

Loyalty campaigns are created to encourage your customers to engage with your brand and motivate them to shop more. Loyalty members are always looking for new ways to earn reward points, bonuses, perks and more. Action series campaigns are a great way to entice customers to interact with your brand across all channels. In return, your brand can gain valuable insights about your costumes and encourage them to purchase more from you.

Understanding your customers’ buying patterns is increasingly important to ensure they continue buying from you versus switching to your competitors. Customers today want better shopping experiences, so brands have to find creative ways to fulfill their expectations.

Unique first-party loyalty data is key to knowing your customers. It also provides a solid foundation for implementing action series campaigns that are timely and relevant

5 Action Series Campaigns that Work

Free trial with a purpose

Give customers a compelling reason to try your products. Go beyond what they might expect from a free trial. Based on their past purchase history, recommend trials for similar products that could motivate them to purchase these products later. Offer innovative experience trials that capture your customers’ attention.

Campaign Idea
An action series campaign such as, “Visit our store, sign up for a free trial and write a review to get a FREE product of your choice under $50 the next time you visit” can really encourage store traffic and increase in-store engagement.

For example:
L’Oreal used AR technologies in 2018 after acquiring ModiFace. This allowed customers to use try-on mirrors in-store and on social media. It built trust by allowing them to try new ranges of hair dye before deciding on which product to purchase. They further introduced the “Virtual Makeup” concept using social media filters before deciding on a product to purchase.
As a result, L’Oreal bagged 8% more sales, the majority of which were from ecommerce sites.

Similarly, Sephora ran a campaign called “Discover Our New Look, and Find Yours”. This social media campaign invited people to try makeup products at their offline stores for free, addressing a common concern by making it easy to “Try a product before you know it fits you”.
The campaign increased both their offline and online engagement.

Add to wishlist

Brands are looking to personalize their customers’ experiences as much as possible. Be creative and purposeful in reminding your customers of products they can add to their wishlist. Some loyalty programs incentivize their customers by giving them points and rewards for adding products to their wishlist or sharing their wishlist on social media sites. You can leverage this data to send offers, price-drop alerts and marketing messages that incentivize customers to purchase products from their wishlist.

Campaign Idea
Brands can create an action series campaign like “Add 5 products to your wishlist and purchase at least one of them within a month to earn a $50 coupon that can be used on your next purchase”. This action series not only ensures customers are interacting with the website more frequently but also encourages customers to purchase once to win the reward and another time to redeem their reward.

For example:
ASOS boosts a friction-free wishlist. Shoppers can add articles they like and want to buy to their wishlists without creating an account on ASOS. The saved items will be visible in the list as long as they use the same device to browse the site. This way, shoppers are motivated to shop around whenever they want to revisit the site. ASOS also notifies them about items on their list that are low in stock. This creates a sense of urgency and FOMO, motivating shoppers to recheck their entire list and ensure they’re not missing out on a great purchase.

Target promotes shareable wishlists. It encourages shoppers with a Target account to share their entire wishlist or just particular items with their friends and family. This activity volume usually peaks during holiday seasons. Customers find it easy to gift items from a shared wishlist. Additionally, Target gets to acquire new customers at scale without investing extensively in marketing.

Form a habit

Make existing and potential buyers habitual users of your brand’s products and services with a HOOK strategy. This may include:

  • Triggers: Emails based on first customer interactions or queries
  • Actions: Relevant content to trigger the desired action
  • Rewards: Offer irresistible rewards
  • Investment: Give personalized experiences

Campaign Idea
“Purchase 2 times this holiday season and refer 1 friend for a chance to WIN 2 FREE TICKETS to a Broadway musical”. An action series campaign of this kind is geared to push customers to purchase more frequently and also refer their friends and family to buy from you.

For example:
Fabletics, owned by Kate Hudson, offers new VIP members an exclusive deal for a $25 outfit on its athleisure apparel.

In its video campaign, Lacoste used the unwrapping of a gift idea to introduce an element of surprise to new shoppers. It made people wait and see what was at the other end and cut through the noise.

Everlane’s media campaign promoted radical transparency and real value to potential buyers, showing customers how they save when they buy from them. Specifically, they shared, “Our markup is about 2.2x as compared to the retail industry’s traditional 5 – 8x.”


Customer reviews persuade people to buy from your brand. Showcase your bestsellers and top revenue-generating products. Incentivize loyalty members and top influencers to record video testimonials for these items. This builds trust and demonstrates authenticity to your customers.

Campaign Idea
“Write a review for your recently purchased printed t-shirt and earn points when your review is approved. Include a video testimonial of you wearing it and tell us what you liked most about the product to earn 200 bonus points that will bump you up to the Gold Tier, giving you extra goodies.”

For example:
Carousel ads add great visual appeal and capture shoppers’ attention within seconds. Glossier created an impactful carousel on their social media platforms highlighting their best-selling products, improving their clickthrough rates.

Direct marketing for promotional offers and signup events

You can target conversion-ready buyers with new signup offers, newsletters, and subscriptions. Invite your past buyers or frequent buyers to attend exclusive events.

Campaign Ideas
“Sign up to become a loyalty member today and get a chance to attend our new boutique launch event and get a chance to Meet and Greet the CEO.”
“Visit our store and spend $500 more to achieve your VIP status. As a VIP member you are eligible to receive free airport lounge access at JFK.”

Be sure to create campaigns that are fun, exciting, and motivate customers to engage with your brand. Adding gamification can help. The goal should be to win your customers’ hearts while motivating them to shop more often.

For example:
Sephora used paid Facebook Messenger Ads to connect with customers by offering a makeover. By using a direct approach, they removed five unnecessary steps to reach and convince customers to engage, and put their brand in the perfect position to offer them giveaways and sign-up offers later.

Action Series = Meaningful Engagement

The best action series bring customers closer to solving their problems. Ultimately, each action-oriented campaign must fulfill a purpose. Try these five most executed action campaigns to stand out. They’re proven to help build better customer relationships, even with those who have limited experience with your brand.

Just be sure you know who you’re targeting, why, how, when, and where. Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Platform™ makes it easy to keep customers engaged and create value-based campaigns that drive results. Get in touch with us today to see how you can increase engagement and conversions while elevating your customer experience!

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