4 ways to Increase Product Discovery through Social Context

by Sean Ogino | Social Commerce

If your brand is well known and loved by your customers, then you have the toughest part out of the way, but how can you retain those valuable fans and double down? Use actionable context and customer attributes to help shoppers discover the products that are the most relevant to them.

There are many sources from which context about your shoppers is readily available. The tricky part is parsing this data to pick out only the most relevant and actionable attributes, then normalizing and automating its use. There are four contextual sources below that are sure to surprise and delight your customers, helping them discover more of the products that relevant to them.

Facebook Open Graph
Encourage shoppers to connect their profiles to their preferred social network with a Social Login or by entering contests. High quality and diverse information can easily be pulled from APIs like Facebook Open Graph. Normalize and sync this data into your CRM to provide different site experiences based on anything from gender and relationship status to favorite books and popular hobbies.

Location can be grabbed from shipping information, social networks or account creation forms. Pick out major cities and target locations with the largest number of your customers, or segment by region. Are your East Coast shoppers in the midst of a Polar Vortex? If so, maybe they will be interested in some survival supplies, very warm clothes, or maybe some board games. Create a relevant live feed for your customers with Popular Products in their area. Get creative with your campaigns beyond seasonal promotions.

Popular Products

Community Engagement
Segment customers who have uploaded photos entered contests, or referred friends in the past. Treating these customers differently can help you increase onsite engagement by growing your community from the inside out. Thank them for their advocacy by granting them early access to campaigns or additional contest entries.

Friends from Social APIs
If a customer has linked or created their account to a social network, then display the activity of their friends to call their attention to products that are more relevant to them. Showcase reviews from friends, what products they have liked or shared, and the items they have purchased.


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