4 Tips for Social Holiday Consumer Engagement

by Sean Ogino |

4 Tips for Social Holiday Consumer Engagement

With the holidays approaching rapidly, many Ecommerce sites are preparing their strategies in hopes of realizing increased sales and site visits. Social media can obviously be a very useful tool in terms of boosting engagement with the brand, but when leveraged effectively can also help with more specific tasks like promoting holiday specials, running contests themed around the holidays and so much more that represents value for your ecommerce brand. Here at Annex Cloud we have done some of the thinking on your behalf, and we came up with this nifty list of reminders for your holiday season social strategy.

Make your customers lives easier


Holiday shopping often becomes a hassle and consumers will take notice and advantage of a brand’s efforts to make the process seamless. The value of cultivating this relationship will provide brand affinity and long-term benefits. Q+A forums, AMA’s, offer advice/help, shopping tips and tricks, etc. Are all appropriate to implement and promote during the holidays.Annex Cloud offers various forms of social commerce that can allow your customers to engage with your brand in a way that makes their entire shopping process more informed and generally easier.

Start early


Get a head start on the competition with some sort of “early bird” incentive for shopping. There are a considerable number of people who want to get their holiday shopping done in a hurry. They are perfect candidates for early engagement opportunities and sales during the Holiday season. For example if you offer some kind of contest, deal etc. that offers higher percentages off than what will be offered during the holiday, it could be very effective. These kinds of specials also have potential to spread via social media, bringing more and more early bird shoppers in to capitalize and make purchases.

Make customers feel good about giving


Offer incentives, contest or deals themed around “giving” etc. You should consider the holiday season not just a sales boosting opportunity but a relationship and brand building one as well. One example would be donating a certain percentage of sales during a given time period to a certain charity. Another would be offering a giving initiative around likes, email subscriptions or another conversion metric. It’s important to be sincere and try to attach to a cause that your brand can be associated with beyond just the holiday season.

Keep an open mind in holiday communications


Your market is probably diverse and celebrates different holidays. Be conscious of this with your communications and keep it “Holiday-themed” when possible. Also, best practice is to modify your messaging depending on the platform and demo you are targeting. For example if your consumer base is 40% Jewish, it may not make sense to run a a “Christmas Giving” contest on Facebook. This may seem like a no-brainer, but many ecommerce brands fail to correctly identify their demographic and inform strategy based on that data.

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