4 Compelling Reasons To Implement Social Media

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Social-MediaThe number of brands now a days adopting Social Media shows that business houses are focusing on becoming truly customer centric. Over the years it has been observed how organizations are making a note and responding to the voice of the customer across the various Social Networks. However there are still some who have stayed away from Social Media marketing to reasons known only to them. We have seen that Social Media gives brands a medium to engage with customers in a completely different way which was not possible earlier. However there is no success formula for marketers to figure out what can work in Social world and what cannot. Companies are still trying to figure out the best way to add Social Media into the overall marketing strategy. For those who have implemented Social Media there have been various reasons to do so and for those who did not also there were reasons. In this reasons we look at some of the most convincing reasons to implement Social Media.

  • Social Networks give brands a chance to have real time engagement with their fans. Not only can they interact with their fans but they can also make their fans feel that they are part of the brand by running various interactive contests and deals. Social Networks gives brands a chance to bring about the human side of the brands and thus making the company more approachable and accessible to the end user.
  • Social Media is all about people and sharing and what people feel and what they want to express in their freedom of space. Brands very well know that the biggest word of mouth publicity is easily done on Social media if the right type of content is passed on and when a satisfied customer goes ahead and shares their experience with others who are not with the brand now they can then in turn become customers. However there are also negative effects to this which cannot be controlled and we have various examples of that also.
  • Social Networks allow brands a way to analyze and look at the data of the existing customers in a more personalized and meaningful way and then work on appropriate marketing campaigns depending on the nature and type of customers. This basically helps in customer acquisition.
  • Social Media gives brands a chance to be visible in a broader way while big brands may not need this much but Small business and local business can benefit a lot by being visible and exposed to larger networks across Social Networks. Not only this Google gives a high weight age to Social search based on the indexing done by Social Networks so this helps brands in SEO also.

Social Media could be used for various other reasons also do let us know why you would go Social.

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