3 Tips to Increasing your Facebook Fan Page Traffic

by Sean Ogino |

3 Tips to Increasing your Facebook Fan Page Traffic

With the growth of facebook growing each and everyday, business owners will want to take advantage of this great tool. However how many hours businesses spend on facebook you want to spend those hours productively.


Before we get to our tips, if you haven’t jumped the boat yet on setting up a facebook page for you business maybe these statistics will convince you:


  • Facebook has more than 845 million monthly active users
  • There are over 1.6 million pages on facebook, 37% of those account for businesses
  • Approximately 1 in every 13 people on earth, are logged in on any given day.
  • 33% of facebook users are likely do product research on facebook
  • 60% are likely to recommend a fan page to their friends
  • 68% are likely to buy a product recommended by a friend on facebook
  • 20 million people become fans of pages everyday




Here are the top 3 tips of having a successful fan page


  • Build a relationship with your fans

In every post that you convey on facebook it has to have a personality behind it. Listening and Interacting with your fans is key to building a good relationship. Fans especially consumer’s love that they know you are listening.


  • Content

Fans want creative, informative, entertaining and enriching content. Having great content means your fans are more likely to share and promote your content.


  • Customizing your Page

Your page is a representation of your company without your page being complete how are your fans supposes to take you seriously? This means include logos, pictures and etc. Having these kinds of things help fans know more about your company and want to share.

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