3 Social Media Resolutions For 2012

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I am sure looking back at 2011 there are some moments that you are extremely proud of and some probably that you wish were not there at all. Well as we step into 2012 and start making plans for the year ahead I am sure you would have made a list of things that you will not do, at least I have and in regards to Social Media Marketing (SMM) we would like to see some less blunders for 2012. I am sharing my top 3 resolutions in terms SMM for 2012

  • Social Media is vast and having a presence on Social media can be tough at times. There are lot of people who will advice you on what you should do and what you should not. If you keep following all these advices then you are bound to end up no where the best tip for social media is be your self. People like when you show them the real side at the end of the day Social Media is all about relationships.
  • Plan and track your Social Media activity properly, be careful for what you say and how you say it. 2011 saw various cases when brands and people were ignorant about the Social Status and had to pay a big price at the end of the day. You don’t need to be that formal about what you say but think before you hit send there’s no delete button on Twitter.
  • Be generous and courteous about others in your industry. Don’t just keep on talking about yourself, review what is happening in the industry and be a good critic. Share the best practices with everyone and let everyone know what you feel about it.

What are your Social Media Resolutions for 2012 let us know about it.

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