3 Simple Lessons From Social Media 2011

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 Lessons From Social Media

2011 saw brands innovate and use different social media strategies to showcase themselves. While there were many trendsetters and many bloopers we decided to focus on 3 lessons that we thought were simple and yet very meaningful for everyone to remember.

  • In a competitive market it’s always seen that people try to change things to attract customers and Social Media was no different brands always try to come up with new content to attract more customers and to keep their fans engaged but who said so? If you are doing something good why do you want to change it and especially if your fans are liking it.  The only thing required is space it out properly and represent it at proper times so that you are spamming your network with the same thing again and again.
  • It’s not about work always, yes you want your fans to engage with you and speak about your product but once in a while if you let the funny side of yours to be shared with your audience it will not do any harm to you. In fact people will start appreciating your approach towards your work and could recommend more people about you.
  • Encourage you fans to show off their creativity and prepare good content for you. It has been seen that fans are always keen to show their creativity to the brand they like by either creating a video or posting pictures that they have created or taken. Grab such an opportunity with both hands and make use of the best talent available from your fan base, this will keep your fans motivated and give you a look at great content created by your fans.

These points are some simple lessons that you can keep in mind while your work on preparing your Social Media strategy for 2012.



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