3 Referral Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Brand

by Grace Miller | Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is a powerful tool for both consumer retention and consumer base expansions. Below are case studies of referral marketing examples from three different companies: Vivobarefoot, an anonymous eyewear retailer, and Marine Depot.  While each company carries different products and has a different consumer base, each was able to see rapid, significant results with the implementation of the best referral marketing campaigns and the best referral software.

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Vivobarefoot is a footwear company that operates in the UK, Europe, and the United States. The Vivobarefoot team wanted to grow their consumer base by implementing a strong digital word of mouth solution that would also allow them to strengthen their ties with their loyal customers and increase engagement.

The Goals: Instead of resorting to several different software types, the Vivobarefoot team hoped to find an omni-capable system to handle all of their needs on a global scale. A single dashboard and a partner that could offer plenty of support were the goals.

The Annex Cloud Solution: Annex Cloud partnered with Vivobarefoot offering fully managed services, a high-quality dashboard and unified data for solutions including referral marketing and social login.

The Vivobarefoot “Share and Save” options give both the referring shopper and their friend an almost-immediate 10% discount. The smaller, but instant reward has helped draw the appeal of casual browsers and loyal consumers alike. Meanwhile, Social Login has simplified the account creation and checkout processes by giving site visitors the option to create a Vivobarefoot account using their existing social media profiles.  

The referral program combined with social login has increased consumer engagement and amplified the referral process. The changes have been implemented to suit various countries including UK, the United States, the European Union, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Sweden, Denmark, and Austria

The Results: From May to June 2016, Vivobarefoot saw a 10:1 ROI, and a 38% growth in monthly orders. Meanwhile, the brand increased their Refer a Friend revenue across all its sites by 556%.

Annex Cloud’s solutions have significantly and demonstrably increased our existing customer loyalty, driving an increase in units per order and total units per customer, with Refer a Friend and Loyalty modules allowing us to activate our existing customers to encourage purchases from their networks attracting new customers, both working together to give us a significant ROI. Their Customer Success Team have worked with us closely to deliver success, offering wonderful guidance and support, and we’re excited for the next phase of our work together, maximising existing modules based on their best practice knowledge, and exploring new ones.

– Paul Walker, Head of eCommerce, Vivobarefoot


Anonymous Eyewear Provider

This client wished to remain anonymous, thus only their story will be included as part of Annex Cloud’s referral marketing examples. The client is an eyewear company that works with reading glasses, prescription glasses and sunglasses.

The Goal: The client has seen successful consumer conversion rates in the past. However, after a rebrand and a decision to move away from using contests, the company found that they needed a fresh take on their referral marketing program.

The Annex Cloud Solution: The experts at Annex Cloud helped the retailer move towards more modern referral marketing tactics. The referral process was optimized to be more interesting to consumers by featuring clever GIF illustrations and eye-catching colors. In addition to aesthetic changes, the referral flow was altered to allow the company to collect more data about their referrals by entering their name and email before unlocking referral rewards. Finally, the retailer remodeled their site to place a greater emphasis on their referral program.

The Results: The retailer saw a conversion rate for referred shoppers grow by 139%. Meanwhile, overall revenue from the solution grew by 107% over a period of just 5 months.

Our relationship with Annex Cloud has truly benefited our company. We’ve always looked to their Customer Success Team and platform to help us spread our name and gain new customers, and our recent work together is no exception. Technical updates were quick and straightforward, and the team provided us with excellent advice. All in all, the outcome has been phenomenal.

– Anonymous Eyewear Provider Employee


Marine Depot

Marine Depot is a one-stop shop for aquarium supplies. The store offers advice, various products and technical support to marine enthusiasts.

The Goal: The Marine Depot team needed a better way to reward their members while also growing their community and fostering loyalty.

The Annex Cloud Solution: The experts at Annex Cloud helped Marine Depot launch a new customer loyalty program while implementing a re ferral marketing solution. The referral marketing solution helped convert already loyal customers into advocates by rewarding them with points for referring friends. Furthermore, because consumers often referred friends and family, this helped Marine Depot grow their community.

The new loyalty rewards program allowed consumers to capitalize on their referral rewards by combining points to receive better rewards. Because Marine Depot is committed to helping customers, the Marine Depot team also implemented the use of badges for their products that operated on the reviewer’s level of expertise. This allowed referred friends to see the extent of involvement that their friend or family member had with Marine Depot.

Results: Marine Depot saw a 24:1 ROI, a 15% reward redemption rate. They also saw that individuals that engaged had a 4x higher conversion rate.

The Annex Cloud team made implementation easy. They are experts in customer loyalty and helped us structure our rewards program based upon our customers’ shopping behavior and known best practices. They are friendly, responsive, and extremely deadline-oriented. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

– Jeff Johnston, Marketing Manager at Marine Depot

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