3 Reasons On Why You Should Not Ignore Twitter

by Social Commerce Guru | Twitter

Twitter logoSocial Media presence for any brand in today’s market is essential, while having a Social Media presence is of importance it is equally important that you choose the right Social Channels to capture your audience and send your message out. Facebook currently dominates the Social Networking no matter what numbers people come up with, but as a brand I guess if you are looking the perfect tool to advertise your product for now I guess Twitter leads the race. People have often complained that Twitter is too noisy and that many times you are not able to send your message out clearly, well like it or not for now Twitter is your best option and here are 3 reasons why:

  • I am sure before you are planning to launch a product you take a survey in the market on what is the hot topic which is creating a buzz and where all it is creating a buzz. Twitter already has the option for you “Trending” the twitter column which gives you an insight on what topics are currently being discussed on Twitter and you can view these tends geographically also. So if you are planning to launch a product you have a good idea on where your potential customers are.
  • Customer Service has changed over the years from the traditional phone service we have seen a shift towards using Social Media. Customers express their views freely on Social Media so whether it’s good or bad it has the potential to reach millions of people in a second. Twitter can be your face saver here; use Twitter to thank a customer for his appreciation and people will make a note of your social presence, help a customer with his problems on your product instantly on Twitter and see the difference.
  • Planning to launch a new product and want to understand what the market feels about it, Twitter is your cost free way of doing it. Not only that you can understand what standards people in your line of business are following by a doing research on Twitter.

So are you using Twitter for your business? Share your thoughts with us.

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