27 of the Funniest, Most Honest, and Creative Online Reviews

by Grace Miller |

Ratings & Reviews can be the heart of an ecommerce site. Customers nowadays hardly make a purchase without looking for reviews first, as their fellow shoppers’ experiences and opinions help them make better informed and smarter shopping decisions. This precious form of user-generated content not only gives your brand credibility, but it also allows you to collect valuable feedback from your customers, it boosts conversion and enhances your SEO value. 90% of consumers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.

While most product reviews are extremely informative, every now and then certain reviews are… not so informative. These, however, are very entertaining. So without further due, here’s a collection of some of the funniest, most honest, creative, and sometimes insightful (well, kinda) reviews around the internet–also known as the greatest place on earth.

1. Kleenex Facial Tissue

“I want to start this off by thanking Kleenex for selling these in 36 packs. I’ve put it on subscription, and if they want to start selling a 72 pack, sign me up. I have three reasons for needing this much Kleenex, and their names are Liam, Samuel, and Hank.”

2. Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer


3. TV Mount

“I love my new home theater system. The wife and I got in a heated debate about my new television use. One thing led to another, and she tried to rip my 50” samsung clean off the wall. Thanks to this mount the Tv is still on the wall, and working well” M. Mclean

4. BIC Pen


5. The King James Bible

“Despite what the title may led you to believe, this book has absolutely nothing to do with Lebron James. Disappointed.”

6. The Wolf of Wall Street – Movie

“There were no wolves in the movie.”

7. Microwave for One by Sonia Allison – Book


8. Sigma Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens

“Took this bad boy to the top of the chrysler building and threw it off. It shattered into a million pieces, exactly as expected. Completely satisfied, would highly recommend it.“

9. ET – Movie

“Unrealistic. An alien comes to earth. Although fun, this story is too far fetched and that’s why I’m giving it two stars”

10. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – Movie

“Fifth film of the franchise and they finish the mission and win the day. I’m not convinced these films should be called Mission Impossible anymore because they’re clearly not.”

11. Crafting With Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make With Your Cat – Book


12. Framed Samsusng 85-inch 4K Ultra HD

”I was going to fund my daughters wedding in Hawaii, but I figured this Samsung Tv would last much longer.”

13. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss – Children’s Book

“It is like this book was written for a baby or something. Anybody looking for enlightened literature should look elsewhere.”

14. Guardian Angel – Product used to eliminate chronic pain



15. Kung Fu Panda – Movie

“I find it hard to believe after visiting many zoos and watching Nat Geo Wild, that these animals can perform martial arts. Total unbelievable story line.”

16. Horse Mask


17. Titanic – Movie

“So obvious that the ship would sink”

18. Frankstein – Book


19. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald 

“The only things that happened in this book happened in the last fifty pages. It’s boring, and the only reason I read it is because it was an English assignment. The plot was dreary and I did not like it!”

20. Coffee Mug


21. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff – Children’s Book

“Terrible book. Both myself and my son were bored to tears! I would be better off reading my two year old the Wall Street journal!

22. The Hungover Cookbook


23. White Toilet Brush and Plastic Holder Bowl 

“I don’t know how these things have caught on! Absolute agony and quite disgusting to use. Call me old fashioned but I’m sticking with toilet paper”

24. Wheel Desk


25. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs – Movie

“I thought this was a documentary about Italian cooking in Seattle and boy was I disappointed when a cartoon showed up at my door”

26. Free Willy – Movie

Free willy

27. Tuscan Whole Milk



We hope you had a good laugh!

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