10 Most Important Features for Your UGC Software

by Grace Miller | User Generated Content

UGC encompasses a variety of content types, whether it be photos, reviews, or even Q&A. Choosing the right user-generated content software can be the key to honing all of this content. In a market that is more likely to trust its peers over commercials, UGC is an investment. Keep in mind, however, that not all UGC programs offer the same capabilities and features. Before you choose, here are the most important functionalities to look for in your user-generated content software.

UGC Software

Important Features of UGC Software

Omni-Channel Capability:

As a thriving business, it’s important to be available to sell products online, via POS, and any channel where your brand has relevance. Consumers want to be able to access everything instantly and are more likely to lose patience with brands that are not able to provide omni-compatible options. A program that is limited to only computers is simply not worth the cost because it will leave a significant portion of your consumers unable to do everything that they want to do.

Photo Uploads:

Images are a major source of UGC. Adults share thousands of images per day and the modern consumer is more likely to accept a peer photo than a professional advertisement. The right software will allow you to harness and collect user uploads. You want a software that can keep track of tagged images as well as images that are uploaded to your website. Keep in mind that you may still need permission to use uploaded images. This is especially true if you are using images of children, which require parental permission. At this point, a software that allows you to easily send permission request emails is also helpful.

Influencer Marketing

Ambassador Marketing:

Whether you are working with a social media influencer or simply reaching out to your most loyal customers, activating your ambassadors is key to advancing your brand in today’s market. A good software program will allow you to give your ambassadors an easy way to promote your brand.

Content Syndication:

This tool allows you to get the most out of your UGC by sharing photos and written content across all of your websites and sales channels. Whether you have a particularly good review or an amazing image, content syndication allows you to optimize your UGC content across all of your available avenues.

User Selection:

Similar to user targeting, this function allows you to select the best customers for your content needs. For instance, if you need content for a review or a question and answer section, the software will identify users who have not only purchased the items, but who are also more familiar with your brand. A similar process allows users who have bought an item to be contacted if a question arises. So if someone has a question about a specific product, the algorithm will find a consumer who has not only bought that product but who is knowledgeable and known to participate.

Brand Engagement


The best program will allow you to target the right customer base for your UGC campaign. For instance, not all of your customers will be willing to post an image. Many require the correct incentive at the correct time. The best UGC programs can now isolate key points where a consumer is most likely to be receptive. The same UGC program should also be capable of sending an email that is worthy of consumer attention.

Content Selection:

Image ranking and content sifting are also important features in your algorithm. Image ranking automatically shows you the best images based on your choices. Meanwhile, content sifting helps ensure that your content remains professional and free of spam advertisements or profanity.

Image Display:

This feature allows you to take your UGC images and place them anywhere on your site or on a partner site. Ideally, that image would then link back to the product page.

Workflow Moderation:

Sometimes, a customer question or comment needs to be addressed by your staff. A good example is a customer who has not received a product or who has received a defective product. In some cases, a consumer may not reach out to customer service and may choose to instead vent his disappointment on your website. Once that consumer comments on your site, you have the chance to remedy the situation. A good software will identify that type of content and notify the correct members of your staff to help you remedy the problem. This not only makes one dissatisfied consumer happy, but it also shows other consumers who are reading that you are willing to do more in terms of customer service.

Third Party Compatibility:

Whether you have a loyalty program or another type of rewards option, you should have the opportunity to integrate your UGC software. With most companies expanding their own loyalty programs to include points for social actions and content sharing, combining UGC incentives and loyalty rewards is the next step.

If you are looking for a comprehensive UGC solution to meet all of the above criteria and more, Annex Cloud should be at the top of your list. We work with a variety of platforms to deliver the best in UGC program capability. At Annex Cloud, helping our clients succeed is a point of pride, which is why our dedicated support staff is available to help guide you through the process!

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