10 Capabilities to Look for in Your Questions and Answers Software

by Grace Miller |

10 Capabilities to Look for in Your Questions and Answers Software

A good question and answer platform can have plenty of advantages. For instance, consumers who can quickly find answers to their questions are much less likely to abandon their carts. Consumers who read a well-built and well-maintained questions and answers section will also feel more confident in purchasing your product. In order to create such content, you’ll need the appropriate question and answer software. Implementing that software, however, is an investment, and there are a few things that you should consider. Here is what you need to look for in your questions and answers tool.

Capabilities of Questions and Answers Software

1. Mobile Compatibility

With more consumers than ever shopping on their phones, a platform that does not offer mobile compatibility is essentially worthless. According to research, 73% of shoppers prefer looking up answers to a simple question on their phone as opposed to asking an employee. Your platform should be compatible with traditional desktops as well as mobile devices even if you have a physical storefront.

2. Comprehensive Reporting Options

You won’t know exactly how well your questions and answers section works or doesn’t work until you see statistics. Your questions and answers platform should provide detailed reporting. Before you invest in software, make sure to look at potential reporting and statistics options. For instance, some of the best programs will allow you to custom-create your reports by choosing certain tags.

3. Moderation and Quality Assurance

Among the most important questions and answers, capabilities are the ability to weed out inappropriate content. While much of the content submitted on questions and answers platform is helpful, you will find the occasional bad advice or inappropriate language. Your software should be smart enough to flag and remove foul language, self-promotional content, and unhelpful mentions of competitors. Your software should allow you to control the content by moderating what to flag.

4. Sustainability and Third Party Integration

One of the most important aspects of a questions and answers software is its ability to be compatible with other solutions and platforms. For instance, if you are using a loyalty rewards platform and your plan is to also reward customers points or prizes for posting user-generated content, your questions and answers solution should allow guests to seamlessly gain points for their answers and to utilize those points for rewards. A good platform will also allow you to gather data that will help in other areas of your research and marketing.

Q&A - Third Party Integration

5. Answers from a Trusted Source

Reading answers from a source that is not trustworthy or irrelevant is a waste of time for your customers. Being able to gather information from trusted sources or verified buyers should be among the most important questions and answers capabilities.

6. A Powerful Syndication Network

Consumers love having information at their fingertips. Syndication allows you to curate your questions and answers section and distribute that section to sites with overlapping products, and third-party retailers. Some of the best questions and answers platforms also allow you to control where and how your content is being displayed from the comfort of your dashboard. Meanwhile, linking customers to a syndicated platform will also boost your conversion rate.

7. Real-Time Progress

In addition to having basic metrics and progress reports, your program should also allow you real-time updates. Being notified of potential issues in real time is key to improving the situation swiftly and with minimal damage. Some of the metrics to be aware of include customer engagement rate, total revenue generated, questions and answers submitted, and overall conversion rate. A good platform will allow you to examine all of these statistics via a customized dashboard.

8. Pairing with Loyalty Incentives

Your loyal customers are often your best advocates. Not only are your loyal customers already experienced in your product, but they also already have a love for your brand. By adding rewards and incentives into the mix, you not only show your loyal customers that they matter but also encourage less engaged customers to contribute.

Pairing with Loyalty Incentives

9. Search Engine Optimization

With the right software, your questions and answers section can be used to boost your search ratings. Most popular search engine algorithms will consider your questions and answers section when checking for SEO, which is where having specific keywords in this section can help boost your search rating. A good platform will automatically fetch, collate and cache data to deliver you fresh content that is also search engine optimized.

10. Comprehensive Support

Even the best programs can break down, which is where a good support system is crucial. When it comes time to shop for questions and answers platforms, make sure that you are working with a company that can commit to regularly scheduled support and maintenance.

Purchasing a question and answers platform is an important investment, which is why you should ensure that you do a bit of research before committing. Annex Cloud’s questions and answers solution may be a fantastic fit for your company.

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