BioSteel’s mission is to create the healthiest and most trusted sports nutrition products on the planet.

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BioSteel is a sports hydration company specializing in healthy sports drinks and hydration powders for both professional athletes and individuals interested in general health and wellness. In a very competitive sports nutrition industry, BioSteel aspired to differentiate itself using its brand equity and ambassador network to create engaging content and build stronger relationships with its consumers. To achieve these goals, BioSteel decided to establish a loyalty solution that made sense with its brand and position in the market.

“What we wanted to do was create a platform and solution that would allow us to have a stronger relationship with people and add value beyond our products,” said Anthony Volpe, BioSteel’s Director of Ecommerce. “So, when people are drinking BioSteel, we can give them access to the events that we have, the athletes that are in our roster, and a variety of other things that your general commodity brand can’t do.”

For help powering this loyalty program, BioSteel turned to Annex Cloud.

Yumble Opportunities
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I would certainly recommend Annex Cloud. Their people are great to work with, and their solution meets our needs. Simple as that, really.

Anthony Volpe
Director of Ecommerce, BioSteel


BioSteel selected Annex Cloud to build its loyalty program, in large part due to Annex Cloud’s ability to holistically integrate into the company’s broader technical landscape, which included BioSteel’s email service provider, website, ecommerce platforms and solutions, and enterprise resource planning system.

BioSteel now offers a comprehensive reward program to connect with their customers wherever they buy. With Annex Cloud’s Native Receipt Scanner, customers can easily connect in-store purchases to their online account. Functionality like this is what made Annex Cloud stand out to BioSteel: Annex Cloud had the ability to build a custom reward program that engages more than just consumers making online purchases.

“That’s why we wanted to partner with Annex Cloud—they allowed us to build a program that’s beyond just rewards for transactions,” said Anthony. “It really creates an ecosystem where our brand can be immersed in what the consumer is interested and passionate about beyond just buying BioSteel product.”

BioSteel found that the Annex Cloud team was proactive to issues that emerged during implementation and ensured that the project advanced smoothly. The results of the quality of Annex Cloud’s work speak for themselves: Since the launch of the loyalty program, BioSteel has seen an increase in sales, members, and customer engagement.

“Generally speaking, we’ve seen strong early adoption and engagement of the program,” said Anthony. “One of our strongest sales days of the year came with the launch of the program, and our strong sales were matched by a really positive customer sentiment. Our revenue has increased with a direct correlation to the rewards program, average order value, and orders per customer, and the frequency of purchases has also increased.”

BioSteel is excited to see how often its loyalty program members redeem their points; this indicates that not only is the company engaging more customers, it’s really delivering additional value.

“We want them to be using the points—we’ve got rewards out there for a reason,” said Anthony. “We’re really happy with the amount of people who are redeeming the points that they’ve generated.”

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Fast implementation of robust out-of-the-box features


Significant increase in customer engagement and revenue


Proactive and strategic implementation team

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