Loyalty enhances Bazaarvoice experiences

Questions & Answers

Who better to answer questions than a brands’ best, most loyal customers? Ensure your clients get the best answers from their customer community. With a loyalty strategy in place, brands have a way to reward their best customers for proactively helping other customers.

Ratings & Reviews

Get more and more favorable ratings and reviews. A loyalty strategy can ensure both. Loyalty programs enhance the emotional bond with a brand. When feeling this connection, customers will give more reviews, and stronger reviews. Plus, a brand can give their best customers an incentive to publish ratings and reviews.

Visual & Social Content

When brands start rewarding loyalty members and advocates for sharing content, it explodes, and influencer management makes it easy to configure, report and reward all influencers from a single, unified platform.

Social Commerce

Loyalty for Bazaarvoice, powered by Annex Cloud, collects first-party data to build a unified 360-degree customer profile. This enables brands to deliver unique, timely, relevant experiences—based on behaviors, preferences, and lifestyle—across every touchpoint. Personalization and relevance sells.


Offering loyalty members exclusive access to new products, then rewarding them for posting pictures and reviews maximizes the performance of your clients’ new product sampling campaigns.

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Loyalty—Your Secret Weapon to Deliver Individualized Experiences

What is Next Generation Loyalty?

Loyalty is the secret sauce

Bazaarvoice is all about harnessing the Voice of the Customer to build customer engagement and community experience. Adding loyalty allows brands to deliver this engagement across the entire customer journey. Loyalty creates a mutual value exchange that enables brands to continually learn more about their customers and use that data to elevate every interaction, across every channel. Here are just a few ways loyalty adds value:

Drive More Content through Value-based Engagement

Drive more content through value-based engagement

Loyal customers are engaged customers, and they share more content. Loyalty for Bazaarvoice offers the widest range of engagement options—including gamification, contests, and more. Loyalty for Bazaarvoice, powered by Annex Cloud, collects using a data-led strategy, brands can use first-party loyalty data to create unique, relevant interactions between purchases that keep customers engaged across the entire journey.

Highly-engaged customers:

Highly-engaged customers:

Tie engagement to revenue

Loyalty for Bazaarvoice, powered by Annex Cloud, helps brands understand and quantify the impact social media and loyalty actions have on their bottom line and what type of engagement they need to reward to boost conversion and revenue. The modular solution lets brands mix and match program and reward types to reward customers for a wide range of behavioral and social actions.

Behavioral Loyalty Actions:

  • Writing Reviews
  • Answering Questions
  • Posting Pictures
  • Creating an Account
  • Signing Up for a Newsletter
  • Filling out Account Profile Data
  • Attending Events

Social Loyalty Actions:

  • Referring Friends
  • Sharing Your Brand or Products with Friends
  • Mentioning Your Brand on Social Media
  • Signing in Through Your Social Login
  • Connecting via Social Media

Turn advocates into conversion-boosting fans

Why should brands simply celebrate fans by featuring their content, when they can reward them for sharing and incent them to keep it going. Boost social media engagement by identifying who’s talking about the brand and proactively rewarding advocates for referring others, posting pictures, and writing reviews. The right incentives turn these actions into habits and build a powerful advocacy engine for brands that boosts conversions.

Turn Advocates into Conversion-boosting Fans
Build Lasting Customer Bonds

Build lasting customer bonds

Offering incentives for customers to register for loyalty using their Social Login provides the opportunity to gain valuable data that helps brands know customers better, gain actionable insights, and helps reduce password fatigue.

The rewards of knowing your customers

Loyalty programs collect first-party data at scale, enabling individualization that can:

The Rewards of Knowing Your Customers

About the Partnership

Why Loyalty for Bazaarvoice, Powered by Annex Cloud

Buy Only What You Need

Buy Only What You Need

The modular design lets you start with a mutual value exchange, then mix and match program and reward types as you grow.

Collect First-party Data at Scale

Collect First-party Data at Scale

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers behaviors and preferences, own your customer relationships.

Deliver a Seamless Individualized Experience

Deliver a Seamless Individualized Experience

Push robust loyalty data across your tech stack to individualize customer and distributor interactions.

Go to Market Fast

Go to Market Fast

125+ pre-defined integrations, large partner network, and range of API options let you easily integrate loyalty into your tech stack. Loyalty for Bazaarvoice is purpose-built to increase retention.

Gain Maximum Flexibility

Gain Maximum Flexibility

Widest range of engagement modules and flexible rules engine allow you to motivate, incent, and reward customers in unique ways.

Elevate Your Omnichannel Marketing

Elevate Your Omnichannel Marketing

Deliver spot-on messaging via web, SMS, social, email, or apps.

Invest in Proven Direct Sales Success

Invest in Proven Success

Loyalty for Bazaarvoice uses a proven seven-step success process to ensure brands get the most out of their loyalty strategy.

Simplify Global Support

Simplify Global Support

Clients in more than 50 countries means we can support multiple languages and currencies.

Loyalty for Bazaarvoice, Powered by Annex Cloud

Sparks fly when you combine industry-leading retail, social, and search with best-of-breed loyalty. In retail speak, you’re enabling brands to fully harness the passion and amplify the voices of its most loyal customers to accelerate growth.

Built for Enterprise

Loyalty for Bazaarvoice, powered by Annex Cloud, is enterprise-ready—including security, compliance, scalability, flexibility, and more.

Increase Conversions with Rave Reviews

Loyalty creates emotional bonds. Members generate more content—and write the most favorable reviews.

Watch Referrals Explode

Loyalty members are most likely to share their passion through Ratings & Reviews, Visual Commerce, and Q&A—and their excitement is contagious.

Drive More Content through Engagement

Loyal customers are engaged customers, and they share more content. Loyalty for Bazaarvoice, powered by Annex Cloud, offers the widest range of engagement options—including gamification, contests, and more.

Ensure Sampling Campaign Success

Reward top loyalty members for posting reviews to maximize the performance of new product sampling campaigns.

Simplify Advocacy and Acquisition

Use Review Ads to turn customer reviews into ads, then target lookalike audiences with our Social Bridge.



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