Annex Cloud Releases Latest Insights on Loyalty Trends to Watch in 2019

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Annex Cloud, the only SaaS platform delivering Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content solutions in one configurable offering, released their latest insights on customer loyalty trends to watch in 2019. Annex Cloud, presented their viewpoints on where loyalty is headed in 2019 in a Q&A featured on

“Loyalty programs have historically been based on a points-for-purchase model. Airline miles, grocery store rewards, and hotel loyalty, all built on this concept. Over the last several years we have evolved out of this to incorporate and celebrate customer action,” said Chris Bechtel, vice president, growth at Annex Cloud. “That trend - rewarding people for social actions will continue to progress in 2019. Whether it's connecting on social, referring people, or participating in off-line events, we will see an increasing number of loyalty programs that are designed specifically to incentivize customers to the take the actions we want them to take,” Bechtel added.

Additional trends discussed include, the impact of loyalty and incentives to activate customers to engage in social media and submit user generated content, plus emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), receipt data aggregation, and blockchain technology.

Annex Cloud has found that incentivizing customers to contribute user generated content (such as user photos, product ratings, and reviews) delivered a 70% increase in content submissions.

Artificial Intelligence will enable marketers to better analyze data, surface insights and act to create hyper-segmented marketing campaigns, producing greater ROI and better predicting future customer incentives.

Receipt data aggregation breaks down the barrier between a business that doesn’t sell directly to customers and their end-customers who purchase through channels. Customers can earn rewards by uploading their receipt, no matter where they purchased the product. Not only does it build a better connection with the customer, it also allows manufacturers, brands, and retailers to gain valuable information about their consumers’ purchasing behavior.

Blockchain technology is becoming more and more popular in ecommerce, some say because of fewer transaction costs and enhanced security. It’s a trend Annex Cloud expects big things from.

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