Card-Linked Loyalty Makes Customer Payment Card a Loyalty Card

Adyen card-linked loyalty easily synchs payment cards with Annex Cloud advanced loyalty solutions.

With Card-linked loyalty, Adyen safely stores customer payments cards and Annex Cloud automatically recognizes loyal customers when they pay. As a result, customers can automatically earn valuable rewards by simply using their payment card.

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Design a Card-Linked Loyalty Program that Meets Your Needs

  • Best in Class Omichannel Loyalty
  • Loyalty, Referrals, and UGC all in one stack
  • More than earn and burn...Integrated Social and Behavioral actions
  • Reward brand advocacy and brand ambassadors
  • Enterprise class Cloud SaaS provider
  • Easily pay in any channel, any currency
  • True omni-channel support for POS, eCommerce, Kiosk, etc
  • Frictionless payments
  • Recognize shoppers across channels
  • Increased approval rates
  • Fraud protection

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Market Movers featuring Jan-Pieter (JP)
Lips, Head of Unified Commerce Enablement at Adyen

Being empathetic while keeping business as usual. What is the right customer experience during these times? How does personalization and data play into this?

Jan-Pieter (JP) Lips, Head of Unified Commerce Enablement at Adyen shares his perspective on what we can learn from digital-native brands and what brick-n-mortar retailers are doing to keep up with customer demands. Plus, how card-linked loyalty and payment options have allowed retailers to conveniently offer a customized experience.

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