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Loyalty Strategy

When it comes to loyalty strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all. Every brand and business has a distinct identity, guidelines, and marketing requirements. Annex Cloud uses a proven success process to design the optimum loyalty strategy that yields the maximum ROI while elevating your customer experience and building lasting customer relationships.


Social Interactions

Annex Cloud helps you maximize your reach and expand awareness through social sharing. With services like influencer management and visual commerce, you can create a strong brand presence and increase reach while staying relevant. Annex Cloud also enables you to monitor social comments, empower customers to engage with other customers, as well as boost your brand’s SEO value through engaged audiences.

Advocacy Marketing

Annex Cloud enables businesses to leverage the power of advocacy marketing. By rewarding customers for actively promoting your brand through referral marketing, you’ll improve customer satisfaction, retention, and acquisition.


Access to First-party Data

Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience PlatformTM enables you to collect vital zero- and first-party data, and pushes this data across your tech stack to help elevate your customer experience at every touchpoint across their journey. With the phase-out of third-party cookies from Google, moving to a data-led organization will help you better understand your customers and design relevant, value-based strategies that help you maximize your returns.

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