Advocacy through Visual Commerce: a Breath of Fresh Air


Visual commerce is incredibly popular right now, and with good reason. 63% of US consumers and 66% of UK shoppers trust consumer photos more than brand photos. Visual commerce raises click-through rates by 15-20%, and Annex Cloud’s clients have seen, on average, site conversion rates increase by 5-7% after implementing it.

Despite facts like these, only 27% of marketers have a system for aggregating, organizing, and managing the visual assets their team uses. An even smaller percentage have such a system for user generated visual content.

Watch our webinar recording for an in-depth look at how brand advocacy and visual commerce support each other. We’ll discuss topics including:

  • Creating an authentic, immediate, and rewarding customer experience
  • Personalizing the delivery of visual content
  • Dynamic product association
  • Instagram shopping, enabled by our new visual commerce feature, Shoppic

Eliza Fisher

Eliza Fisher
Marketing Associate
Annex Cloud

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