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Customizable referral campaigns facilitate more targeted strategies.

Annex Cloud’s Referral Marketing suite boasts a wide variety of referral action options from sharing via social media, to email referrals, referral rewards delivered upon click or purchase, or post purchase referral calls to action. Whether you want your sharing solution to reward delayed gratification, offer a quick win, or give an extra treat to those who just bought, we’ve got you covered with our flexible solution. You can run multiple referral campaigns with different actions and varying audiences at the same time to tackle multiple goals.
Customizable referral campaigns
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Advanced segmentation helps you identify and engage your advocates to drive real revenue.

Annex Cloud’s Referral Marketing dashboard enables you to track the status of each and every customer’s share activity. Get detailed information on which of your advocates are sending you high-quality new customers, and find out whose potential has yet to be tapped. From there, you can nurture these shoppers to boost acquisition and conversion.
Powerful Anti-Fraud Dashboard
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Fully mobile responsive and adaptive capability makes incorporating referral marketing anywhere easy.

Our Referral Marketing solution is completely mobile adaptive and responsive. If you have an app, it’s simple to launch referral marketing on it with the help of our Android, iOS, and cross-platform SDKs.
Fully Mobile Responsive and Adaptive Capability
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Robust Omni-Channel functionality for Referral Marketing helps boost participation.

Annex Cloud’s Referral Marketing supports online-to-online, offline-to-online, online-to-offline, and offline-to-offline referrals via receipt codes, e-receipts, in-store referral solicitation, QR codes, email lookup, and more. Features like these ensure that your referral program gets the widest reach and is as convenient as possible for customers.
Robust Omni-Channel functionality
Point 5

Use built-in A/B testing to get the best results.

Annex Cloud’s Referral Marketing offers A/B testing capability, so you can be sure that you’re offering the absolute best referral program in every way, from your calls to action to your referral rewards.
Built-in A/B Testing
Point 6

Referral Marketing combined with native Customer Loyalty helps bolster retention.

Further incentivize shoppers to spread the word about you, and reward loyal customers for supporting you. Thanks to Annex Cloud’s modular, unified platform of customer loyalty and advocate marketing solutions, looping Referral Marketing into your loyalty program or coupling it with other advocate marketing programs is a breeze.
Referral Marketing
Point 7

A powerful Anti-Fraud Dashboard offers peace-of-mind.

Annex Cloud’s built-in Fraud Dashboard allows you to block or flag suspicious referral activity via IP address, personal data analysis, and cookie tracking. We back it all up with our Customer Success Team’s constant support and anti-fraud best practices.
Powerful Anti-Fraud Dashboard
Point 8

Intuitive reporting uncovers customer and program insights and helps continually enhance your referral marketing strategy.

The Referral Marketing dashboard delivers powerful and actionable data, including ROI, referral data and share status, influencers, revenue generated, your most profitable referral channels, and social demographics of your customers. Plus, customized reporting and scheduling make getting the data your team needs to the people who need it effortless.
Intuitive Reporting
Point 9

Rely on an experienced, proactive customer success team.

From strategy through to maintenance of your Referral Marketing solution, you have the support of a dedicated Customer Success Team, including implementation architects and graphic designers who custom-build your programs.
Proactive Customer Success Team
Point 10

Extensive third-party integrations makes launching a program a quick turnaround.

Annex Cloud’s platform comes pre-integrated with all of your third-party solutions, including all major e-commerce platforms, ESP, POS solutions, analytics tools, CRM programs, and more.
Extensive third-party integrations

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