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Advanced product performance reporting and sentiment analysis helps you gain a deeper understanding of how customers feel about your products and brand.

Annex Cloud’s advanced Product Performance reports reflect everything from a product’s average rating, total reviews, review views, and revenue tied to review content, giving you a complete picture of how your UGC content is impacting your bottom line. State-of-the-art Sentiment Analysis reporting presents all of your reviews with a sentiment score in a sortable table, offering a way to uncover and improve products with low customer sentiment. You can also sort reviews by customers to find and engage your happiest customers
Advanced product performance reporting
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Collect more review content with a powerful solicitation engine.

Annex Cloud’s Ratings and Reviews platform offers a powerful solicitation engine comprised of a Smart Engagement Algorithm (SEA), in-email review capability, a native SDK, and native ESP integration all designed to make the solicitation process smarter and make it easier for your customers to write reviews. The time in which a review is solicited impacts the likelihood of a customer response. The SEA ensures you request reviews at an optimal time by factoring historical data, product type, and product category to determine when a review request should be sent. Reducing friction during the review writing process is also key to collecting content, in-email reviews and the native SDK make it easier for your customers to write reviews no matter what kind of device they’re using or where they are.
Powerful Solicitation Engine
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Tailored review templates help you collect content that really drives conversions.

With dynamic template allocation and sub ratings you can make sure you’re asking the right questions to answer all your customer’s concerns. Dynamic template allocation offers the ability to serve up different review templates depending on varying parameters such as customer demographics or geography. This ensures you're gathering the most relevant information for future customers. Every product type has different characteristics that customers care about. Sub ratings guarantees your collecting answers to these product specific questions so your future customers are never left wondering.
Tailored Review Templates
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Robust A/B testing gives you peace-of-mind that your Ratings and Reviews solution is delivering the best possible results.

Annex Cloud’s Ratings and Reviews platform utilizes powerful A/B testing strategies offering the ability to test everything from the type and phrasing of questions to solicitation methods such as in-mail reviews vs. on page reviews, and review display styles. Robust A/B testing ensures you’re asking the right questions, in the right way, and sharing review content in a way customers respond to.
Robust A/B Testing
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Easy to use interfaces and fully mobile responsive technology ensures your review content is easy for your customers to find and use to make purchase decisions quicker.

Annex Cloud’s Ratings and Reviews are mobile responsive and adaptive, and come with iOS and Android SDKs to ensure customers can always read content on their phones. Comprehensive sorting capability means your customers can find the content most relevant to them, and dynamic sub ratings means review content is tailored to the specific product category. Finally, badging lets your customers easily identify the most authentic review content such as verified buyers.
Fully Mobile Responsive Technology
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An intuitive moderation process eases the demand on your team while ensuring all your UGC content is vetted to meet your brand guidelines.

Annex Cloud’s moderation dashboard makes ensuring your UGC content always meets your brand guidelines and answers your customers’ questions easy. Employ auto moderation with a profanity API and customizable keyword list to quickly eliminate unqualified content. Then your team can manually moderate your content or you can take advantage of Annex Cloud's moderation team to handle everything for you. The moderation dashboard is built with teams in mind. Set up a moderation workflow and use tags to send or escalate customer concerns to the right team. You can even reply directly to those customers from the moderation dashboard. Finally, set permission levels and monitor audit trails to keep tabs on the moderation process.
Intuitive Moderation Process
Point 7

Pre-built and native marketing eco-system integrations make implementation easy.

Annex Cloud’s expansive network of partners and a native loyalty solution makes incorporating Ratings and Reviews into your marketing eco-system and your strategy easy. Not only can you avoid the technical headache of integrations but, native loyalty creates an easy way to incentivize customers to write reviews by offering them loyalty points for their participation.
Pre-Built And Native Marketing Eco-System
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SEO optimized review content boosts your product page rankings and reduces strain on your SEO team.

Ratings and reviews offers a great opportunity to boost your website’s SEO value because they present an easy way to regularly add fresh keyword rich content at little time or cost on your teams part. All Annex Cloud’s ratings and reviews are SEO optimized and come with complete support for rich snippets including microdata and micro-formats. The content is also fetched dynamically but cached locally so you can deliver real time on-page content for the best SEO results.
SEO Optimized Review
Point 9

Our expansive Syndication network helps your review content reach more customers and multiply your UGC impact.

With complete syndication capability and an expansive syndication network you can get more use out of your ratings and reviews content by sharing it across your supply chain. Easily display content on your manufacturer or retailer’s website and incorporate it into your Google shopping ads with syndication directly from your ratings and reviews dashboard.
Expansive Syndication Network
Point 10

We ensure continuous optimization driven by a dedicated customer success team.

Annex Cloud’s managed services is the power behind the Ratings and Reviews platform. Your dedicated customer success team will work with you throughout the process from strategy through implementation. Regular business reviews, strategy meetings, and A/B testing ensures your solution continues to deliver results.
Dedicated Customer Success Team

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