Visual Commerce Editorial Displays

Visual Commerce Editorial Displays

Exceptional Visual Commerce can come from any number of sources,
create a dynamic display to promote a specific product or campaign
and create inspiration around your brand.

Editorial Displays offer a flexible user interface that enables quick updates to the galleries on your site through a simply
uploading new content. Inspire customers with galleries featuring editorial pictures of your products, links to the
product pages, and text boxes to include relevant and helpful information.

Dynamic Updates

Keep your editorial display up-to-date with
the latests content and pictures. Capitalize on
trending content with an agile user interface.


Include tailored content in your Editorial
Display such as product descriptions,
quotes, and reviews.


Create an engaging gallery featuring visual
commerce from any number of sources such
as your customers, your product pages, news
outlets, and bloggers. Tailor your galleries to a
specific product, product category, promotion
or campaign.


An Editorial Display can live on any number
of pages on your site such as your homepage,
product page, category page, and blog.