Case Study saw a 20% increase in website traffic

How monetized Social Media with Social Commerce tools came to Annex Cloud when their contract with their Ratings & Reviews and Questions & Answers provider was coming to an end. They wanted to improve the solutions they already had, as well as implement additional Advocate Marketing solutions that could work together to provide customers with an exciting and engaging experience.

Within just a few weeks, Annex Cloud was able to implement new and customized Ratings & Reviews and Questions & Answers solutions, transferring 33,000 reviews and 10,923 questions and answers to the new system. Simultaneously, we were able to implement Social and Onsite Contests, which impacted’s social reach in just a few days.

Download our case study and discover how:

  • was able to increase site traffic by 20%
  • Contest entries increased by 51%, compared to previous years
  • was able to improve customer engagement,and monetize social media

About Skis, Summit Sports LLC, is an online action sporting goods store that aims to provide an online shopping experience that is as good as or better than an in-store experience.

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