Referral Programs Tailored to Your Goals

There are numerous ways to implement referral marketing and each strategy tackles different objectives.

Refer a Friend

One-to-one referrals via refer a friend gives customers a way to personally recommend your brand or products to the friends and family they think will truly love your brand. Direct referrals personalize the experience and make the referral more authentic and trustworthy, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Post Purchase Sharing

Connect with customers when they are most excited about your brand after they have made a purchase. Post purchase sharing gives your customers an easy way to share what they just bought. And, capitalizing on the timing increases the likelihood that they will share.

Share, Save, and Win

Give your customers a way to share your brand across their social networks via social media or email. Coupons and contest entries are a great way to motivate customers and show your appreciation for them. Share, save, and win strategies help you quickly grow your customer acquisition channel at a lower cost than traditional acquisition strategies.

Trackable Buttons

Keep tabs on which customers are sharing your brand via social media. Trackable buttons help you unearth insights about the customers who share and even collect social graph data to better inform future marketing strategies and customer segmentation

Free Case Study:

"Annex Cloud's customer success team has worked with us closely to deliver success, offering wonderful guidance and support, and we're excited for the next phase of our work together."

Paul Walker, Head of eCommerce at Vivobarefoot

Vivobarefoot’s Referral Marketing Success:

  • 20% email list growth with a variety of referral marketing strategies
  • 38% growth in monthly orders

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