Motivate customers and increase referral marketing impact.

Extensive experience, best practices, and robust functionality help create an impactful referral recruitment strategy.

Referral Campaigns

Create and run multiple referral marketing campaigns to inform and encourage customer participation. Referral campaigns let you target different customer segments with varying calls to action and implementations to tackle multiple goals at once. Comprehensive reporting and A/B testing tied to your campaigns help you evaluate the impact and optimize your strategy.

Smart Engagement Algorithm

The time frame in which you request a referral from a customer can make a big impact on the likelihood that they will respond. By factoring product type, historical data, and customer response rates our proprietary Smart Engagement Algorithm makes it easy to determine the best time to send your referral requests.

The Lifecycle Email Approach to Your Referral Program

In-Store Recruitment

Offline referrals are an excellent way to boost engagement, but they require a special kind of recruitment strategy. Your Customer Success Manager will work with you to create a plan to boost in-store referral recruitment with best practices around referral signage, effective receipt based calls to action, and staff training.

Marketing Best Practices

Marketing is key to a successful referral strategy. We’ll help you create a marketing plan to cultivate engagement with your referral programs. Our customer success team will advise you on best practices such as how to adjust your incentives seasonally, where you should place your referral calls to action, how to segment referral campaigns, and tips for writing successful referral copy.