Post Purchase Sharing ROI & Analytics

Gain a better understanding of your customers, who is sharing and how.

Post Purchase Sharing ROI & Analytics
Take advantage of a dashboard that details all the metrics of your Post Purchase Sharing solution, with a focus on return on investment (ROI). Easily discover information including the following and more:

Who your top sharers are

How they’re generating ROI

Which methods of sharing they prefer

Who’s coming to your site because of those shares

Conversion rates

Email open rates

Demographic details


 Social Annex dashboard

Within your Annex Cloud dashboard, you can explore your data in a number of ways:

  • Tailor your reports to your needs
  • Schedule reports to be delivered to the appropriate people at the right time
  • View your data in chart, graph, and numeric form
  • Export all your information to Excel
  • View data in the aggregate and on an individual level