Post Purchase Sharing Capabilities


Customized rewards and actions
You can offer any type of incentive, traditional or customized, to drive your customers to action. Our Customer Success team can help you establish and test incentives to ensure they are driving the highest participation.

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Embed sharing inside your post purchase engagement process
Our platform is built into your technology infrastructure so you can automatically solicit sharing actions when you engage with customers after they make a purchase. Our unified platform means you only need one post purchase email to solicit a variety of actions including shares and ratings and reviews.


Establish optimal call to action timeframes
for sharing to increase participation

The type of product a customer orders impacts the timeframe in which a call to action to share with their friends will be effective. Our expertise and product data informs the timeframes we recommend for call to action emails to ensure you get the highest participation on your Post Purchase Share.


Create adaptable promotions - store credit,
coupons, 3rd party gift cards etc

No matter what kind of promotion or redemption you want to offer we can help. We handle the heavy lifting of acquiring and delivering incentives so you can focus on your customers.