Integrate loyalty into your online store and create an experience that will bring your customers back again and again.

3 Steps of Online Loyalty

Recruitment and Awareness

Get customers excited about your loyalty program and boost enrollment with a comprehensive loyalty recruitment campaign. Launch best practice backed Loyalty Introduction campaigns to drive enrollment and implement A/B tested onsite calls to action to drive customers to your loyalty landing page.

Loyalty Program Marketing

Continuously boost customer participation with compelling onsite loyalty calls to action and offers. Our Customer Success Managers offer an unmatched level of expertise to help you create a plan for keeping your loyalty engagement numbers high.

Online Loyalty Reward Accrual and Redemption

Make it easy for your customers to see their loyalty standing, find out how far they are from their next reward, and discover any current promotions and special loyalty event opportunities with loyalty dashboards built into your app.

Native User Generated Content and Referral Marketing:

Building Genuine Brand Loyalty Online

Give your customers the opportunity to earn rewards for more than just purchases with native Referral Marketing, User Generated Content, Visual Commerce and Social Login solutions. The Annex Cloud platform makes it easy to reward customers for engagement activities and foster true brand loyalty.

Free Loyalty Case Study:


Murad’s Beauty Rewards boasts over 150,000 members and has helped Murad boost sales, product review submissions, and customer referrals.


Get a first hand lesson in building a highly engaging online loyalty program from Murad.