Annex Cloud Debuts Native iOS and
Android Mobile Software Development Kits
for All Customer Loyalty and Advocate Marketing Solutions

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Los Angeles, CA: Annex Cloud, the only software vendor with a complete platform of customer loyalty and advocate marketing solutions, is now offering mobile software development kits for all of its products.

Software development kits--also known as SDKs--are groups of APIs that allow developers to easily integrate solutions into software applications. They enable the fast implementation of features like product reviews or referral platforms within a standalone app.

Annex Cloud now has state of the art native iOS and Android SDKs for all of its solutions--Customer Loyalty, Visual Commerce, Ratings and Reviews, Questions and Answers, Refer a Friend, and Social Login.

These SDKs allow for a high level of customization to match a client’s brand and app with little complexity in doing the customizations. Moreover, Annex Cloud is the only company that offers all these customer loyalty and advocate marketing solutions under one roof. They are investing heavily in mobile apps, with a mobile product roadmap that includes integration with cross-platform app SDKs like Xamarin, PhoneGap, and Titanium by mid-2017.

To learn more about these mobile customer loyalty and advocate marketing solutions and how they empower businesses, click here.

“Given that mobile use is still growing wildly and 90% of smartphone users’ time is spent in apps, creating the best app experience is a priority for savvy businesses. Customer loyalty and advocate marketing SDKs facilitate easier, more effective mobile customer acquisition, conversion, engagement, and retention.” - Diana Smith, Director of Product, Annex Cloud

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