We don’t just stop when your solutions are implemented.
Your customer success team continues to meet with you on an ongoing basis to review your performance metrics and strategize ways to improve and optimize your solutions. Comprehensive analytics and reporting also offer you the opportunity to review your progress on your own time.

Customer Dashboard

Annex Cloud provides administrative access to all of
the data being tracked using Annex Cloud solutions.
Each customer is assigned a log-in to allow for access to an overall Dashboard as well as individual reports for each
of your solutions.


User Data

Each product comes with its own set of reports which reflect engagement metrics and ROI data. Every action users take with our solution is registered to provide thorough and actionable data. Social actions leave a trail of data with a variety of networks providing email, gender, age range, location. You own all user data and can use it to build smarter marketing strategies.



Your Customer Success Manager will work with you to uncover and set up any necessary customized reporting. Scheduling capabilities ensure your team receives reporting when they it need, whether it’s on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.



We don’t just stop when your solutions are implemented, ongoing testing is a cornerstone of our service. By a/b testing key elements of your solutions such as calls to action, user experience, and timing of engagement emails, we are able to ensure your solutions are performing at their peak capability.