Kick-off starts with your first meeting with the members of your
customer success team including your Customer Success Manager, Customer Implementation Manager, and support team members. Divided into two steps
of Discovery and Defining, kick-off allows everyone to align priorities,
expectations, and timelines.

In discovery, you will meet with your customer success team to review the solutions you bought and outline your objectives, priorities, and expectations for the project. This is when your customer success team will collect data such as engagement metrics and customer information to help design a strategy for your brand.


In defining, your team will work with your customer success manager and customer implementation manager to outline a plan and timeline and define the logistics and specifics of your solutions.


Dedicated Team

Customer Success Manager:

They are your single point of contact with Annex Cloud
and handle all your day to day account management
requirements for all of your solutions.

Customer Implementation Manager:

They work with you throughout implementation
and act as your single point of contact for any technical
questions, concerns, or improvements.


Support Team Members:

Chief Strategist
VP of Customer Success
Director of Sales
Customer Success Director
Customer Implementation Director
Project Manager