Login Services:
Registration as
a Service (RaaS)

Registration as a Service delivers everything you need to properly manage your customer data. This innovative solution brings customized functionality and design to fit your brand and enables you to easily manage customer information, including data collection forms, profile pages, account creation flows, password management, and account validation.

Registration as a Service
All you need to do is define the fields you want your customers to fill out when creating an account, we handle everything else. We will create and host your account creation landing page, login page and forgot password functionality as well as secure your customer information with account authentication and password encryption.

Customer Profiles

Customer Profiles That Work for You

  • Incorporate social and traditional login capabilities easily
  • Work seamlessly with other social commerce solutions
  • Gain valuable insight from demographics and psychographics, user behavior, and social graph data
  • Reduce friction by customizing your templates based on where customers are interacting with registration forms

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