Our extensive experience with customer loyalty and dedication to offering superior customer experiences have helped us deliver exceptional in-store loyalty for our clients.

in store loyalty

Recruitment and Awareness

We help you build a strategy to create awareness and excitement amongst your customers in-store. With thoughtful loyalty signage and employee education, your brick-and-mortar stores will be fully equipped to handle a loyalty program.

In-Store Enrollment

We can build loyalty enrollment into your pre-existing system and make the implementation that much easier. We support everything from loyalty sign-ups via email to loyalty sign-ups integrated via POS to make it easy for customers to enroll and start participating in your loyalty program right in your store.

In-Store Loyalty Point Accrual and Redemption

Our Customer Loyalty solution makes loyalty points accrual and redemption easy to implement and even easier for your customers to use. With pre-built POS integration and loyalty app capability, we can support in-store point accrual as well as reward redemption for points earned in-store and online.

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Selling through your retailers’ brick and mortar stores shouldn’t limit your ability to create an impactful loyalty program. Learn how to leverage cutting edge technology to better facilitate omni-channel loyalty engagement.


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Store Management

With store management capability built directly into your loyalty program, you can manage loyalty at the store level. Run loyalty campaigns aimed at specific stores and regions and track and analyze loyalty data tied to those groups.


Built-In Custom Hierarchy
Build your store hierarchy system right into your loyalty program so you can track and align your loyalty data with your current analytics process.

Segmentation by Store
Utilize store segmentation to create and run loyalty campaigns aimed at specific stores and regions. Create loyalty offers to boost foot traffic to new stores or seasonal reward opportunities based on store location.

Reporting at the Store level
Your store hierarchy is built directly into all reporting allowing you to gain deeper insight into your customer’s buying and loyalty engagement habits.