Case Study

"All in all, we have found it both extremely convenient and cost-effective to have Social Login and Customer Loyalty on one platform. Thanks to Annex Cloud’s Customer Success Team, they also got the best practices and support they needed to achieve their business goals. the convenience of Social Login. Moreover, we're seeing concrete benefits in terms of conversion and retention."
- eCommerce Executive, E-Cigarette Company

This anonymous case study details how a top e-cigarette retailer came to Annex Cloud in search of two specific solutions: a loyalty program and a social login solution. Their goals with the former included increasing retention and repeat purchase rates as well as driving targeted interactions. With Social Login, meanwhile, they wanted to make the customer experience more convenient while collecting valuable data.

Read the case study to find out how exactly Annex Cloud’s Customer Success Team and this industry leader worked together to exceed these goals.

  • Discover how they achieved a loyalty reward redemption rate that’s 4x the industry average
  • Learn how they crafted a solution that drives engagement
  • See how Social Login boosts sales with users who have a 38% conversion rate

About this company:

This client is a top destination for personal vaporizers and electronic cigarette gear, be it e-juice, accessories, or hardware.

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