Vivobarefoot enhanced customer engagement and loyalty while boosting customer acquisition with Annex Cloud’s Sharing and Referrals and Social Login solutions.

Vivobarefoot approached Annex Cloud looking to grow their customer base across the UK, Europe, and the US, while strengthening existing customer loyalty. They wanted to avoid the pain of having different software vendors for their various solutions and multiple country sites.

Consequently, Annex Cloud’s unified platform of customer loyalty and advocate marketing solutions greatly appealed to the Vivobarefoot team. They saw the immense value of having a single customer view enhanced with robust integrations and supported by a talented customer success team.

Download the case study to learn how Vivobarefoot:

  • Used Refer a Friend and Share and Save to grow their email list by 20%
  • Optimized conversion and grew monthly orders by 38%
  • Bolstered loyalty by engaging with their advocates
  • Achieved a 10:1 ROI



VIVOBAREFOOT makes revolutionary, back-to-basics footwear based on the simple principle that being barefoot is the healthiest way for you and your feet to be.

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