Case Study

Murad’s loyalty program acquired more than 150,000 members in less than 6 months.

How Murad increased engagement and gained their customers’ loyalty with a robust loyalty program enhanced with advocate marketing solutions.

When Murad came to Annex Cloud, they had ratings & reviews, questions & answers, and visual commerce implemented by different vendors but wanted to add a loyalty program to their set of solutions.

After thoroughly evaluating their options, Murad chose Annex Cloud. They knew that as the only company with a unified platform of customer loyalty and advocate marketing solutions, Annex Cloud could provide them not only with the loyalty solution they wanted but also with the solutions they already had and more.

Download our case study and discover how:

  • Murad increased conversion rate by 18%
  • Murad’s loyalty program acquired more than 150,000 members in only 6 months
  • Murad exponentially grew their email list

About Murad:

Murad is a renowned modern doctor brand of skincare products. For 25 years, Murad’s mission has been to help people transform their skin and their lives.

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