Group, Inc. worked with Annex Cloud’s Customer Success Team to quickly implement a robust Questions and Answers solution that leverages their sales team’s knowledge, engages customers, and dramatically increases conversion.

Group, Inc. approached Annex Cloud looking to improve customer interactions online with Questions and Answers. They took advantage of Annex Cloud’s expertise and product integrations with Kibo to do a fast implementation that quickly got results.

Read our interview with Group’s Director of eCommerce and Digital Marketing to hear about how they…

  • Learned and implemented technical, design, and marketing best practices thanks to Annex Cloud’s Customer Success Team
  • Focused on selling while letting Annex Cloud take care of IT concerns
  • Work with Annex Cloud’s easy-to-use dashboards on a daily basis to educate shoppers and boost conversion

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About Group:

Group, Inc. is a leader in the world of Christian ministry. They publish resources for Sunday school, Bible school, women’s ministry, and more, in addition to organizing outreach, events, and service opportunities for the Christian community.

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