51 Vital Visual Commerce Statistics
by Grace Miller | January 14, 2016 | Instagram, User Generated Content, Visual Commerce, Visual Galleries

We all know that visual content has been growing exponentially in both importance and prevalence over the past few years. Both pictures and videos are essentials for any brand, but these requirements extend beyond just some good catalog photos and expertly produced videos. Businesses need to let their customers do some of the talking. Doing so increases authenticity and brand awareness, Read more...

3 Best Practices For Visual Commerce

Internet users are known to have nearly instantaneous reactions to what they see on their screens. In less than 50 milliseconds, users experience an initial “gut feeling” that help them decide whether they’ll stay or leave. This first impression depends on many factors including structure, colors, spacing, symmetry, and amount of text, fonts, and more. Looking at a brand’s visual gallery is no different. In addition to the aforementioned variables, consumers make their judgments based on attractiveness, likability, trustworthiness, competence and aggressiveness.

Visual Commerce Permissions: Don’t Shoot First and Ask Questions Later

70% of marketers are planning to increase their use of visual content on their eCommerce sites this year, and more than 75 million people use photo sharing platforms like Instagram on a daily basis. In the face of data like this, it would be absurd to shy away from using customer photos in your marketing strategies.

3 Ways An Omni-Channel Experience Can Strengthen Your Brand

In our technology-driven world, consumers have become dependent on using technology to shop and communicate with their favorite brands, making it critical for companies to embrace technology and create a brand experience that fits all types of shoppers. As a retailer or manufacturer, thinking of new and creative ways to attract new customers and keep your current ones means fitting Read more…

5 Ways Social Commerce Improves The Customer Experience

For a brand, providing your shoppers a memorable customer experience is crucial to keep them coming back and attracting new shoppers. There are many ways give them a great experience with your brand, however, with social media being an incredibly powerful communication tool, integrating social commerce into your marketing strategies is the most unique and personable way to connect with Read more…